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What is the difference between the original and the simulation?

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  1. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    I’m not sure how much clarity you are going to get out of a 15pin din. lol Also I was hoping there was a female port under the patch it would be a hard shot, but it would be worth it.

  2. Buying this movie in the UK, I wondered which release I have. Manga Entertainment, bizarrely enough.

    Bizarrely, I actually prefer Innocence over the original. I feel like there’s LESS philosophising than anything. I know, I know, I’m the weirdo.

  3. 7:00 – Why would someone build the face and chest to spring open like that? I understand if it can be opened for maintenance. But to motorize each hinge so it can force itself open at any time?

    11:00 – HD, VGA cable? What?

  4. Hm. I have only a passing interest in Cyberpunk but I’m still a bit weirded out by the fact that I dind’t even KNOW GiTS had a sequel. Though that makes me curious, how do the series fit into the same universe as the movie?

    • Think of it so: Manga is Universe 1. GitS and GitS: Innocense are Universe 2. GitS: SAC, SAC2 and SSS are Universe 3 and GitS Arise (including “The New Movie”) is Universe 4.

  5. I own the shitty Dreamworks version. I did not even know there was a better version. Kinda pissed now. My copy is deep in a pile of crap somewhere. If memory serves right, I know I enjoyed the film. I loved the music. However, it’s not something I bring out to show friends. Even after I just showed a friend the first movie last week.

  6. This is a movie I’ve had in my collection for years (bought it when the local BlockBuster went out of business,) but have never actually watched. Sounds like a good thing, since the copy I have is Dreamworks… I had to go check after Sage started talking about it in the review out of curiosity.

  7. Eh, I find both Ghost in the Shell movies to be pretty dull and frankly quite bad. I sang the praises of the original when I was younger and didn’t care about plot (back when I sang the praises of Fist of the North Star), but have found it increasingly irritating and full of pseudo-philosophical claptrap. The original move was still interesting, however, as it had something beyond the empty navel-gazing.

    Ghost in the Shell 2, on the other hand, is my stereotypical “bad movie,” and that scene in the cold room is everything I hate about film-making. It’s a very long, very boring scene of really bored people standing idle, arguing in circles on subjects which don’t interest me and aren’t nearly that complex to begin with. The whole movie isn’t nearly that complex, because it more or less boils down to a single question: “What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!”

    Every character in this movie talks like they’re coming off of general anesthetic and they never have anything interesting to say. The basic concept – while repulsive in a creative sense – is engineered to feed the story’s own circular philosophy. The first movie at least had a plot which went somewhere with all the postulating. This one feels like it only has a “plot” to tick a box and would otherwise be perfectly happy to wallow in its own inflated sense of self-importance.

    I HATE Ghost in the Shell 2, and the boredom it inflicted on me has retroactively ruined the original Ghost in the Shell for me, along with Akira.

  8. Dammit Gabe, plug it into the one that’s already missing o(>3<)o

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