Ghostbusters 2 – Nostalgia Critic

Before the reboot got audiences fighting, see the Ghostbusters film where the slime hit the fan. The Nostalgia Critic reviews Ghostbusters 2.

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  1. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    The sheer mention of “Teen Titans GO” has me in sheer anticipation for the potential Old vs. New mentioned in last week’s review. The brutal jokes that can be made about the quality of the show are endless.

    …Maybe at some point next year, there can be an Old vs. New comparing Super Friends to Justice League.

  2. I love your Bob Ross impression at the beginning of the review. You know the movie is not that great when the main characters are singing the theme song.

  3. 4:53 “What’s this ChangeTheChannel?”

  4. Was the opening gag inspired by Deadpool? Um, I’ve never seen any of the Ghostbusters movies so I don’t have much more to say. I just like the theme song. Lastly, I don’t know why fake people were attacking you for reviewing Teen Titans Go. I think at least 55% would be celebrating.

  5. Not bad, but you shoulda gave credit to the gag where Murray asks Weaver if she wants to go join the team in the slime sewage instead of their dinner date. It was gold.

  6. You missed the part how Ray also owns an occult bookstore.

  7. I like GBII MUCH better than the first, if for shallow reasons.

    The production values are way better. Better lighting, cinematography, makeup, effects, sets, and better film stock/processing too (the heavy grain in the original really dates it).

    The pacing is also a lot better. Yes, the story is more coherent in the first one, but each individual scene drags, and (again with the production values) the distant sounding dialogue makes them drag even more. Just for an example, the villain reveal. Gozer’s (very 80s) portal opens, it slowly walks out, they have a conversation with it, THEN it attacks. Vigo, on the other hand, comes alive with a crazy blast of lightning, zooms out of a hellscape painting, has a QUICK conversation, then ends the scene with another crazy blast of lightning. This scene is also helped by crisp and booming audio.

    Does the original have a better script? Yes. But GBII does pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE better. It’s the Morrowind vs. Oblivion debate. Deep but muddy, or shallow but gorgeous. Some people just prefer shiny over meaningful.

  8. 6:42 YAY A SOFIA THE FIRST REFERENCE. I never thought i see the day that i hear that from NC.

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