Ghostbusters (2016) in 5 Seconds – Diamanda Hagan

Okay, not 5 seconds but this was too obvious to not do.

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  1. XD Very true. Sad no one ever thought to do this yet.

  2. Are there any fun, quotable scenes like this from Ghostbusters 2016?

    A joke about a dog named Mike Hat?…huh…

    Yeah…Paul Feig getting a bunch of SNL players, Thor, and McCarthy to improv in a project none of them seem to care about doesn’t provide the sort of magic that was captured in the original film. It’s not that they wanted to do an all-female cast, it’s that they picked the wrong director, actors, and script.

  3. It’s sad how people get easily manipulated by media corporations. Sony wants to hide the crappyness of its movie behind a huge controversy, ding! controversy served.

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