Ghostbusters (2016) Rewrite – Screen Crashers

Justin pitches his idea for a better Ghostbusters movie.

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  1. Cue all the predictable and tired comments saying why Ghostbusters (2016) sucked, which may include the following:
    -Too left-wing politics
    – Made for SJWs
    -Having Women. (Really this should have been the first one.)
    And so on…

    Despite the fact that its been a year, people still act as this film somehow erased the 1980’s and 1990’s, along with DVD’s.

    Basically I’m just simply sick and tired of this so-called (wags fingers) “controversy” surrounding this honestly forgettable film.

    • The only problem with the movie is that it’s a poor successor. There are plenty of shitty comedies that come and go, especially these days, but this was supposed to be as good as Ghostbusters.

      If you take a guy that’s totally average, maybe even slightly better than average, no one will have a problem with him. Some might even like him. But if he goes around proclaiming he’s the next Martin Luther King, face it, you’re gonna look at him like a piece of shit.

    • Dude.. outside sexist men-child’s no one have issue with female cast pointing out that in cartoon there already were female-busters. Justified part of that complain was that movie appear to be a chick-flick what deliberately try sell itself with that fact, what was symptom of exploitation.. which we find out it was.

      • “outside sexist men-child’s no one have issue with female cast.”

        That whole controversy in 2016 could have fooled me.

        • Quite possibly. I watch whole controversy from the beginning and outside small group of sexist troll, huge Social Justice Warriors front protecting this sexist movie, lump any rational criticism as another product of those man-swine’s (this same happen in case of female only viewing of Wounder Woman). Well.. until its release when they want silent..

          Best example of that is how they treat Angry Video Game Nerd, who said that because he is such huge fan of the original he would not review it, as he consider himself as professional and acknowledge own bias here. Obviously he was lynched with people bringing him as example of chauvinist fan-boy who refuse to review it because of boobs O_o

          In case of any such controversy you should check the source, not what most loud mob rave. I could tell you also full story of so called Gamer-gate if you care, and how people pretend that it has anything to do with matrimonial quarrel and someone sending to herself rape threats (confirmed by police).

        • TragicGuineaPig

          Maybe I’m not visiting the wrong forums or something, but almost all the complaints I’ve seen about the new Ghostbusters have had to do with the quality of the film, the writing, and the lack of solid in-universe connection to the original. The complaints don’t seem to be about social justice, per se, but rather that the social justice aspect seems to have trumped the entertainment factor. And then there’s the fact that almost any complaint about the film – especially those that focus on the quality of the product – are labeled as misogynistic and dismissed out of hand, which further reinforces the overall perception that the creators were only out to make a political/social statement and not trying to produce a worthy successor to the original.

          I don’t fault anyone for liking the film, or wanting to see a female team. I do, however, fault them for labeling people like myself as misogynists for no other reason than that we did not enjoy it ourselves.

  2. I like your version. Not having ties to the original Ghostbusters movies was my biggest issue with the new one.

  3. I really liked your version, although I want to point out that a decent-sized portion of making your version great is coming up with the right jokes in the “insert jokes here” part of your summary. Comedy is damn hard — it only looks easy when the comedic geniuses do it.

    (And on that note, I’d really love it if, during the mass chaos in the city with the ghosts running wild, we see a dog and a cat running and hiding together. A callback to the “dogs and cats living together mass hysteria” line.)

  4. Liked it! Loved it! I’m inspired by it!

  5. Having sat through the original (It was only like $3 on cable and I still felt robbed…) I agree that some joke hit, like anything involving Patty, and a ton more missed.

    I loved your version, kinda liked the stuff in the subway but that’s just me, and I’d actually own that one instead of what we got.

  6. TheGangstaOfLove

    I do like your version more. The movie got fairly distracting with so many call backs to the original. I would have rathered that they either make it a cannonical sequal to the originals or just gone into a whole new direction and didnt bother with the cameos or trying to hit the same beats.

  7. You need some reason for them not to have in any way tried to contact the originals if they are still around.

    A good idea would just be to have them not in New York, and thus they can’t help. Trying to contact them and failing could also set up that part at the end.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Simple: have them make an attempt to contact them, but they don’t respond. The reason: the Ghostbusters have moved on with their lives and don’t want anything to do with a new team. But then, when it comes down to it, they realize that a new team is needed, and so they step up.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    Me, what I would have liked to see is the original team temporarily back in action. With a new threat rising, and with the new team already on the job and in over their heads, they step up to lend a hand. With Jeanine packing protons in Egon’s stead. But the old team don’t save the day; they just help out handling the agros so that the new team to take out the big boss. Because, let’s face it, what most of us really wanted was to see the old team in action again; to have them assist the new team would have been a much more substantial passing of the torch, I think.

    • I also would wish that, but there is also issue that Bill Murray hate that franchise and was main reason why there was no third movie. He agree to play in 2016 version only because they agree to give him a role of paranormal debunker, what allow him to insult the idea.

  9. Did you say “Chiron the Infernal”?!?

    Why did you say that name?

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