Ghostbusters – Angry Trailer Reaction

A still sick and very annoyed AngryJoe reacts to the 1st Ghostbusters Trailer! THEY CROSSED THE STREAMS!!!! Why do the graphics look like Eddie Murphy’s Haunted House?!

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  1. This movie’s gonna suck. But, lets face it, we all knew it was going to.

  2. You mean Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion.

    • Too dignified a residence. Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Outhouse.

      BTW, I love this movie’s inclusion of a token loud, sassy black woman with street smarts. Really honoring the 80s there. That WAS the point, right? Although…at least her character has a clear personality and role in the movie. What’s Melissa McCarthy’s character’s excuse? Is she going to be another clumsy doofus? She’s clearly the Ray of the group, but he was a very intelligent character, just also really, really geeky, awkward, and innocent. Almost like a grown kid. But still grown. McCarthy’s character seems more cartoonish and slapstick.

      Really disappointed that the trailer included that McCarthy’s-character-possessed-by-a-ghost scene. That could have actually made for an interesting second-act wrinkle (and given her license to act even crazier for half the movie without it being too unbelievable). Instead, it’s clearly just there for a quick joke. A joke we probably just saw the whole of.

  3. My husband took one look at the trailer, and said, Yep, I am not watching that, and this is the man that likes a lot of movies I wouldn’t waste my time with. He is easily to appease as a movie goer, and this trailer turned him right off. We both LOVE Ghostbuster’s 2, but this…. this was bad. There was no chemistry between the actors and the comedy felt forced and uncomfortable. It’s like this is a preview for a ride at Disneyland or something.

  4. Didn’t love the trailer.
    Didn’t hate it either.

    I’ll just wait for the home release.

  5. littlewillie610

    Although I liked the original Ghostbusters movie, I’ve never been remotely interested in a reboot/sequel. At the very least, the probable negative reviews for this should be entertaining.

  6. That looks awful.

  7. I thought it looked amazing. I’m so stoked to see it.

  8. Not to sound sexist, it looks like a Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) special…with a huge, wasted budget.

  9. The humor seemed more slapstick and less character-based. And the performances seemed a bit stilted (and if they’re all like this, I have to blame the director, not the answers). Maybe I’m being unfair and maybe it seems stilted to me because I’m expecting Ray, Egon, etc. Could be.

    I’m not going to take one trailer as “case closed” on the film. But I’m not optimistic.

  10. I’m… still cautiously optimistic. I don’t think it will be great, bu maybe… passable.

    Part of the problem, to me, is that they seem to have tried too hard to replicate the original team, but women. Brainy one? check. Jokey (even when it isn’t necessarily appropriate) one? check. Token black member? check.

    I dunno – maybe they could have mixed it up a bit. Like the visible minority member was the particle physicist, maybe the not-as-well-educated member that helps them get their operation off the ground has some connection to the original team (Ray’s niece or somesuch)

    Which…. kinda leads my into my biggest problem with this trailer. It starts off good; 30 years ago there was a team of ghostbusters that saved New York… But everything after that seems like… ghosts are new? Like this whole ghosts thing is new for everyone involved? I mean, sure, if something is amplifying ghostly energy (again) and they’re coming out of the woodworks for the first time in 30 years… but it just seems like this should take place in some other city, or have some some sense that this isn’t a new thing.

    Maybe this is all better explained in the movie, but the trailer is a little confused in this regard.

    • It’s a reboot, it will have zero connections to the original team. Despite really not needing to make it a reboot.

      • Oh… oh god damn it. Well there goes my cautious optimism. I’m still not a fan of the new star trek movies, but at least those kinda explained it in-universe (time-travel bullshit, yay!). Ugh…

        And now that I’m left less optimistic, I can’t help but think about the things about trailers for sub-par comedies; they put some of the best jokes in the trailer, and those were almost entirely horrible.

  11. 🙁 Terrible writing, caricature characters….stupid Hollywood “girl humor.” Damn. I was hoping.

    • I agree with the ‘girl humour’, it looks a little too much Brides-maids style. They could have done SO MUCH with females leads, they could have been CLEVER, but they just slapped the normal girly-comedy archetypes over it and went “there you go”

  12. I’m still willing to hold out some hope that it’s better than the trailer makes it seem, but just the fact that they chose to open it on a gross-out gag makes me more wary than everything else put together. That’s just not the type of humor Ghostbusters runs on, so if that’s what they picked as THE gag to draw people into the first trailer then I have concerns.

    Though I will say I’m glad to see Melissa McCarthy’s character seems to be a Ray-style ghost dork instead of another in the stream of annoying brash women with secret squishy centers she’s been typecast as, because I’ve gotten pretty sick of that character.

  13. So once again, the Black (wo)man is the one without a scientific background. Why not make her a scientist and have a white woman be the streetsmart one for a change?

  14. When the first joke of your trailer is nickelodeon slime masquerading as ghost vomit… You’ve officially failed. I had high hopes for this, but now that I’ve seen the trailer… hech. I barely even smiled.

  15. It’s going to suck. I love that the actresses aren’t conventional Hollywood beautiful, and their equipment looks good, but the ghosts are awful and all the good casting in the world can’t fix awful, lazy writing and stereotypical, shallow characterization. Like you said, lowest common denominator. And judging from comments on places other than here, people are eating it up gladly. This is why we can’t have nice things- because dumbasses have no standards and will pay for anything.

  16. Okay, nitpick within the first 7 seconds. Hudson wasn’t a scientist, “If there’s a paycheck involved, I’ll believe anything.”. So the “Four Scientists Saved New York” part is a tad off.

  17. Er, Winston that is.

  18. One big NO-NO

  19. Actually, when I first heard it was an all woman cast, I was immediately skeptical. Not because I have any problem with women, but WHY would the cast be all women? The original 4 Ghostbusters were pretty gender-neutral roles, so Ghostbusters 3 would, I expect, also have gender-neutral roles that could be played by men or women. A mixed gender cast would have been fine and expected. It seemed unlikely that the 4 best people who turned up to auditions would all be women, so I figured there had to be some reason.

    I can say that it doesn’t appear that the movie is going for some stupid 20 years too late Girl Power message, which was my worst fear. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the trailer calling attention to the fact that the characters are women. But having seen how incredibly OK the movie is, I wonder if the all-female cast is just a gimmick to draw people in. Something to get people talking about the movie, because the movie might need all the help it can get.

    Personally, my reaction isn’t as bad as Joes. I think it looks okay, and I actually laughed pretty hard at the “The power of Pain compels you!” line. But it’s replaced Ghostbusters subtle character humor with broad slapstick and more traditional jokes. Perhaps that’s not indicative of the movie as a whole, as Ghostbusters subtler jokes wouldn’t translate well to a trailer. Maybe it would put things in perspective if I could see an original Ghostbusters trailer…

    Still, not too disapointed. I’ve long since learned to not hold out hope when it comes to things like this. Mad Max Fury Road was a rare surprise, taking an old franchise and making it even better. But far more often than not you get the Phantom Menace or the “Good but misses the point” JJ Abrams Star Trek. When it’s been so long, there’s no reason to think that the magic that made the original so great is still there. And I’d much rather be surprised at the rare Fury Road, than dissapointed at the all-too-common mediocre movie.

  20. The original Ghostbusters was from a different era where all the political correctness crap didn’t effect comedy. It had the best comedians from SNL and Second City. It needed comediennes like Roseanne Barr not Melissa McCarthy. The Ghostbusters logo should have the middle finger up.

  21. Dubstep theme, CGI smeared across the screen… and the trap has bear-trap jaws, because the audience are morons and might not get that it’s a ‘trap’. Exactly what I expected a Ghostbusters remake to look like.

  22. “I have seen shit that will turn you white!”

    Yeah, now I know the feel…

  23. This is the Ghostbusters with the Magilla Gorilla ripoff in it, you know the one i’m talking about. Who’s going to be the comic foil? the Walter Peck of this movie? The only way this can get worse is if there is a rival group calling themselves the real Ghostbusters or Ghostbreakers who have the og equipment slightly modernized, are better than the girls in ability, just for them to get captured or some stupid thing like that. On top of being assholes, like saying “never send a woman to do a mans job.” or some nonsense like that, just to make you hate them.

  24. I love how they created a catch-all clause by making the cast all-female. As soon as you say that the movie looks like unwatchable crap (and boy does it) you are immediately slapped with a “sexist” card.

    But seriously, if the trailer is supposed to contain the “best” jokes, we are in some serious trouble here.

  25. I do agree, that it looked absolutely ridiculous for a Ghost Busters movie…

  26. What I don’t get is that they specifically are making this a sequel to the original, the trailer says that they original ghostbusters existed in this movie, so why do we have this story repeating itself. Talk about blatantly banking on nostalgia. Also the ghost for the most part all see to look the same, they’re just a mess of blue CGI. In the original they were so varied and looked different. Now it’s just bland when they had the opportunity to be so much more outlandish with it. I have a feeling that they black woman will be forcing herself into the group and have to teach them all about street smarts and such. We have seen that in so many movies now that it will probably be very boring.

    • Dromedary Meat Cactus

      The “thirty years ago” part is referring to the release of the movie “Ghostbusters” thirty years ago, not to those events happening in the fictional world of this movie.

  27. the one joke that kind of worked was the new Ecto-1 being a hearse, that kind of works.

  28. I never saw the original Ghostbusters. All I know about Ghostbusters is from Channel Awesome. LOL. Also, this was my first time seeing the trailer along with you. Your facial features were soooo funny but if I was a Ghostbusters fan, I would be pissed! It looks like Bridesmaids with ghosts. 😛

  29. RIPD – good call! That’s one that I can’t sit through at all, seen a few scenes of it.
    “Room for improvement” might be good enough for Hollywood statisticians, and a GB 4 might be …better?

  30. So I watched a trailer for a movie called The Force Awakens (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, it’s obscure), and I noticed this beautiful, atmospheric way they had a single piano note at a time playing slowly in the background; ‘ting, ting…’

    Then I saw a later trailer (I honestly can’t remember which) and I heard the same thing, and I said to the people with me ‘Ting, ting…’ is gonna be the new ‘bwomp!’ (that works better spoken, but it’s that dub-step loud noise that used to precede every single trailer). Then I saw the trailer for that Moby Dick biopic and it did the same t’ing, and I said ‘Called it!’

    This trailer takes Ray Parker, Jr.’s iconic Ghostbusters theme and turns it into ‘ting, ting…’
    I don’t even…?!?

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