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A collection of discredited scientists plan to make a business about capturing and containing ghosts. The fantasy is that they don’t have their own basic cable show recording everything.

Part 2

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  1. Am I the only one who remembers that live action children’s show that featured two gangsters and a guy in a gorilla suit? Seriously, this thing exists, and it predated Akroyd’s film by about a decade.

  2. I’ve always been a freaking-huge Ghostbusters fanatic., the movies., the cartoons.,( even if The Real Ghostbusters was better than Extreme-Ghostbusters )., even the comic books from Now Comics., and IDW., even the toys., this franchise is beautifully-perfect.,,.

    • I actually think that “Extreme Ghostbusters” is an unfairly maligned gem. It continues the story from the original series while bringing in new characters with their own personalities. It frequently has monsters and ghosts that are actually quite scary and face threats that are more low key and personal. The series final brings back the old team and they face a threat that could challenge an army of Ghostbusters but they defeat it by scaling up the technology in a cool way.

  3. Nostalgiaoholic87652

    I’ve waited all month for this review and it was totally worth it! Great work SF Debris! 😀

  4. I noticed something the last time I watched this movie. The scene where Peter asks Dana out has been wedged into the middle of what WAS one scene where Winston gets hired and then Peter immediately meets Walter Peck. The slime on his uniform is a dead give-away. I understand why they did it. They needed to have that scene and there was really no other logical place to put it. It just kinda took me out of the movie when I noticed it.

  5. Wow, I’m impressed you mentioned the filmation series. It was decent for what it was, a fluffy childrens 80’s show that aged horribly. In comparison Real Ghostbusters, at least the first few seasons, is a gem. Sure there are a few stinkers, but those first few seasons hold up so well upon rewatching.

    And the movie? I gotta level with you, as an adult I get really freaked out by Venkmans behavior in Dana’s apartment. I mean holy shit, the guy was creeping on so many levels the only shocking bit is where she doesn’t call the police on his creeper ass, and the idea that upon seeing him, or hearing from him again and doesn’t mace him on sight strains so much storytelling credulity.

    Other than that, yeah its a movie that really holds up.

  6. This was the last movie I saw before heading off to Navy boot camp in Orlando. It still holds up rather well after all these years. Can still remember The Ghostbusters show with half the cast of F Troop and the guy in a gorilla suit. It didn’t hold up too well.

  7. I’ll give savvy business acumen credit, despite the Filmation copyright, labeling the cartoon the REAL Ghostbusters immediately told my young mind to tell the gorilla with a beany to go to hell. Branding…it’ll screw you hard.

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