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“Ghostbusters” is once again in the cultural zeitgeist and Yomarz is on the job. Everyone says this game is basically Ghostbusters 3, but is it? I dunno but bustin’ makes me feel good!

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  1. Great review Yomarz. I loved and finished this game years ago and agree that while it’s an awesome game, it is *NOT* Ghostbutsers 3.

    Too bad an actual Ghostbusters 3 of them actually going into Hell will never come to fruition.

    RIP Harold Ramis.

  2. I like the part when she got slapped.

    – Ryan

  3. it might as well be at this point. to be fair, you could look at it as a spiritual sequel rather than a legitimate one. that’s like calling The Thing 2011 a prequel when it’s technically remake with prequel elements shoehorned in at the last minute.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    I don’t care whether it is a GB3 or not. It’s a fun little game. It captures the feel of the original two films, and there are a lot of great character moments. And it is based somewhat on an idea Akroyd had for a third installment.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      As for the Batman/Arkham franchise: True, the game was greenlit in conjunction with the Nolan film, and supposedly, it was originally intended to be a tie-in with TDK. The passing of Heath Ledger threw a big old huge monkey wrench in that. But let’s face it: IT’S BATMAN! And Batman is an enduring character even apart from the cinematic films. Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, several animated films – a Batman game was bound to be successful just because it’s Batman. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they got Paul Dini – one of the main writers/producers of BTAS – along with Kevin Conroy, mARK HAMill (and no, that’s not a caps-lock mistake), and Arleen Sorkin to voice their iconic characters from the series. And frankly, the gameplay is pretty solid; personally, I was skeptical when it first came out, because licensed games tend to suck. But overall, the quality of the game itself, the level of talent in the production, and the recognition of the characters would have made it a success, regardless of how much time had passed between TDK and B:AA.

  5. I thought that Enter The Matrix served well for the movie canon.

  6. It’s not the 3rd movie, but it’s works well enough to be one. I really liked this game too. It was a great tribute to its source material, and with Harold Ramis and Dan Akyroyd writing the script for it, I think this game works just fine. Good review, though I think you sell it short.

    But then again, I guess I’m just too nostalgic for the movies. Speaking of which, I don’t care about the hate for the new Ghostbusters anymore. It’s gotten to the point that, “you know what? Whatever, I’m going to see this movie regardless. I love the originals just as much as the others, but goddammit I won’t be choosing the new old over the classics.

  7. yes it is Ghostbusters 3 GET OVER IT!

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