Ghostbusters was BETTER than the original?! – MikeJ

Mike and Grace review the new 2016 Ghostbusters movie, and you may be surprised at what one of them has to say….

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  1. I am actually kinda exited to watch this movie after seeing all the positive reviews of the movie and I respect your opinion but knowing the Internet most of your comment section is going to be this

    • Except that is not what going one.. most critics are in fact quite rational except few douches. Most hate come from SJW’s side who make the opposite side look like sexist-swine despite lack of real hate here.

  2. lobsterzoidberg

    I haven’t watched the video, but you are either a misogynist or being paid by Sony.

    GOOD DAY, sir!

  3. 6:58 You got goosebumps or did you get… ghostbumps? ;D

  4. Wow, clickbait title much? You’re better than that, Mike.

    Also, apparently Firefox doesn’t think that “clickbait” is a real word.

    • People, could you stop overusing that clickbait bullshit argument!

      It is a question and he answer it, so it isn’t one of those shocking titles who end with unrelated babbling..

  5. Based on that you didn’t seem to like idea I am kinda surprised that you didn’t end up hating it with burning passion and instead you sounded more neutral in this.

  6. caffeinatedkate

    So, Ghostbusters is better than the original, if you’re not a big fan of the original? And if you are, then it’s decent enough?
    That’ll do for me, I wasn’t expecting it to be fantastic, as long as it’s not terrible.
    I still think I’d find the blonde one more annoying than funny though.

    • That was opinion of his wife. He like original more and that it is better then crappy Ghostbusters 2 is almost common opinion.

      • Yes, that’s what I said. Ghostbusters is better than the original, if you’re not a big fan of the original (like Grace) and if you are (like Mike) then it’s decent enough, which is good enough for me to decide to watch it at some point.

  7. Oh please….just, please.

  8. For me, the movie felt like an Adam Sandler movie, just without Adam Sandler and his buddies actually being *in* it. Irritating characters, irritating jokes, basically what amounted to the bad guy getting kicked in the balls as a resolution, just in Ghostbusters style…

    No. Just no. And it’s not a nostalgia thing. It’s a “this is a shitty movie that insults the audience’s intelligence” thing.

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