Gods not Dead: Who Killed Sorbo? – Diamanda Hagan

I have a theory about the ending of Gods not Dead.

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  1. The funny part is… Had Sorbo’s character not converted, he’d still be alive!

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      But the people who made this movie don’t care if you’re alive or dead–only if you’re saved. These are the kind of people who would go along with torturing a woman for being a witch and burning her alive–if it saved her soul. They would rationalize what they were doing as an act of mercy and kindness, because no pain they could inflict on her could compare with what she would experience in Hell for eternity.

      • Yet, that don’t justify braking the God laws and such people are just fanatics.. furthermore according to real Christianity ability to judge is primal sin by itself. Christians should focus on being example of Christian virtues, not trying replace God in his authority as that is exactly what Satan try do.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          What constitutes virtue varies widely among Christians. The Holy Inquisitors believed they were virtuous, pious men, and that by torturing and burning heretics they were doing God’s will. It’s all a matter of interpretation.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Of course, this also means that Christians should have no fear of death, since it just means they’re going to the Magic Land of Chocolate. If they do fear death, it can only mean they don’t really believe their own claims. Likewise, they have no business lamenting anything that happens to them, or praying to God asking Him to change or avert it, since it’s all part of God’s master plan, and is therefore ultimately for the best.

      • Fear is just natural reaction. Real believe shouldn’t be blind, in fact real Christianity point out that you even should be critical about own faith. You should trust the God, not cover you senses on all the facts.

        As for prayers people have right to ask, as whole point of God plan is lecturing the people. God master plan isn’t something to be blindly fallowed as no one know it and those who think the do typically project own obsessions. It is something what should be understand.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          In the book of Job, when Job asks God why he’s been made to suffer, God says, in essence: “I don’t have to explain myself to you.”
          If God has a plan, and that plan requires your child to die of cancer, He’s not going to change it just because you ask Him to, and what’s more, if you’re a person of faith, you shouldn’t want Him to. You should rejoice as your child dies a slow and painful death, because God’s will is being done. How could it be otherwise?

  2. I don’t think I agree. The Pure Flix folks wanted their sheeple to text all their friends after the movie, after all. Showing the horrifying possible consequences of doing so would be fairly counter-productive.

  3. As for debate about strong and weak atheism:

    – Strong atheism is convinced that God or gods don’t exist basing on well though analiz. Those are people who can use arguments to suport own point.

    – Weak atheism is simply indifferent. Those people never though about issue and simply aren’t religious. Most of them don’t refuse debate though, just aren’t prepared and acknowledge that.

    There are other positions commonly mistaken with those two:

    – Anti-theism is strict believe that God don’t exist. It is mostly based on hypocrisy and ignorance. Anti-theism is sometimes considered as religion on its own. It is commonly mistaken with strong atheism and those are people who would claim that other type of atheism isn’t legitimate.

    – Ignosticism is refusal to acknowledge sense of debate. It is basically conscious ignorance of the issue. It is sometimes mistaken with soft-atheism as difference is somehow illusive.

    – Agnosticism is in fact most scientific position simply acknowledging fact that we lack ability to scientifically research the issue (soft version allow that in future though). It is commonly mistaken with soft-atheism (including the movie), but it is position completely irrelevant to believe itself as there in fact are theistic-agnostic people just there are rarer then most common atheistic-agnostic.

    – Crypto-atheism is lack of believe despite participation in the religion (mostly for practical or traditional reasons). It is regularly mistaken with the theism.

    I understand why typical person would make such simplification but in case of movie this is unjustifiable not mentioning that Diamanda bring clear holes even in that.

  4. Also I need separate topic to bring that:

    Chinese in fact aren’t unwilling for Christianity. Traditional Chinese religions like Taoism and Confucianism are mostly philosophical in nature and also popular Buddhism is non-theistic religion (they don’t care about deities) not mentioning that well known there Hindi religion also have monotheistic versions.

    Furthermore Taoism as religion with Zoroastrian roots have almost identical symbolism like Christianity to point that some Christian fundamentalists think that Chinese are offensive when they in fact talk about own traditions of Jade Emperor and Haven Bureaucracy.

    And as topic already pop up Japanese have some historical bias related to para-christian sects (it is too complicated issue for simple explanation) like those responsible for Tokyo Metro Bombing. Everything what is worth to mention is that they don’t have anything against real Christians, just Japanese religion is synergistic and it is important to know to what they exactly referee in specific cases (like there was something like Japanese Messiah responsible for quite bloody rebellion.. we would associate him more with Antichrist but most Japanese don’t understand the difference). Similarly like with Taoism what also is large part of Japanese believes though it is more local, people commonly mistake traditions related to Spirit/King of the North Star with christian God.

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