Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3 – AT4W

Godzilla! The King of all monsters! …And he has less panel time than a parody.

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  1. This is why when I write comics I tend to write children as being just as productive as the adult characters.’

    And you thought the third issue was bad?! Oh-ho, trust me, Issue 4 introduces us to a guy who exposits some of the most pretentious pseudo-moral politics and commentary since Marville, and Lady Yaya’s sanctimonious misanthropy’s got nothing on him!!

  2. man i read like the first 8 issue of this comic and i had the same thought as you. I kept waiting for it to get better but it just plodded along with no real rhyme or reason.

  3. People who think the 2014 Godzilla film was lackluster have NOT read this comic.

    3:31- “It’s ‘Gojira’, you moron!” -Audrey Timmonds, Godzilla (1998)

    4:12- And the hillbilly on the right side of the panel is wearing a t-shirt with the Confederate flag on it, …and I instantly want him to die horribly.
    12:04- Thank you, Anguirus!

    6:19- I also consider Godzilla’s Revenge (aka All Monsters Attack) as one of the worst Godzilla movies next to the 1998 film.

    7:51- By Diehard’s crotch! I take it that this kid has taken a good yoga class.

    I’ve seen Lady Gaga wear dresses made of bubbles, meat, and Kermit the Frog plush toys, …But never since her growing popularity in 2009 have I EVER in all my days ever saw her is a freakin’ Godzilla costume. Seriously, writers and artists, have you ever seen Lady Gaga more than once on TV, the web, and pages of People magazine?

    10:01 & 12:51- These statements sound like they’re in a moron’s version of “Born This Way.”

    11:28- Asian Kanye West, ladies and gentlemen.

    I also find the reveal of Battera instead of Mothra as the only good thing about this comic.

    This comic series is becoming as bad at the Godzilla video game from last year, and I’m sure Angry Joe agrees with me.

  4. How can somebody write something so moronic?! Leave aside how stupid it is to introduce a Lady Gaga parody in the middle of this, where the fuck did the idea to make her sympathize with the monsters come from?! She was treating the destruction caused by the monsters the same way the Westbro Baptist church treats natural disasters, and they’re a group of people with morals that go completely against those of Lady Gaga! If you’re going to pull bizarre social satire right out of your ass, satirize the right people!

    • Not to mention that Lady Gaga is a pacifist and wouldn’t be rooting for anyone to die.

    • I think it’s more along the lines of celebrities taking up causes for publicity purposes rather than actually researching the cause. This seems to be a sort of PETA slam.

      I know her comments are meant to be stupid, but I’d like to point out that defending yourself against a dangerous predator is just as natural as the predator’s instinct to kill.

  5. Lady Gaga isn’t known for environmentalism, so there’s one thing wrong. Unless they’re trying to imply that her LGBT advocacy = supporting monsters, in which case this comic is beyond heinous

  6. All the Godzilla films? You are now officially cool, going as far as to be kewl! 🙂

    12;53 what’s that?

    And don’t worry Linkara: Lady Gaga can just sing ‘Sound of Music’ at these people, silencing them as that cover makes all arguments null en-void

    I thought they were going to be Mothra’s heralds too.

    This has to be the most unfun thing related to Godzilla to ever exist

    • Pity too, as the creepy psychic twins as heralds for Battra is an awesome idea. A comic where Battra is an evil monster responsible for driving Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus et al into berserk rampages would be a comic I’d actually enjoy reading, if it was written well.

      • Yeah, that could have been glorious on epic proportions 🙁

        To cheer us all up, I recommend we all go watch Godzilla doing his weird Highland reel dance in Godzilla vs Megalon (I think that’s it; if not the film does have many glorious moments)
        Ah yes, much better 🙂

        Something to always keep in mind: at least we’ll always have the Japanese…which is what I think every Kaiju fan says after every time the US tries to adapt Kaiju (2014 Godzilla and Pasific Rim might be pretty good movies but their lacking something the Japanese films had).

  7. Most Godzilla movies set the bar on writing barely an inch off the ground. I did not expect this comic to effortlessly limbo under that. The Battra twist is an example of how easy it is to play with all the mythos and give fans neat surprises… but it’s buried in such a misanthropic turd.


  9. Wait, aren’t you Canadian? You should know French then. 😛

  10. Gozilla Vs. The Shining???

    And now Channel Awesome has its next movie project. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

  11. Linkara, Battra ia male

  12. A giant human emerging and all the humans around it die?

    Next on AT4W… an Attack on Titan comic!!!

  13. LEAVE LADY GAGA ALONE! … That is all. 😀

  14. Kanye West, Linkara. The blue hooded man talking about the President not caring about Asians was a spoof of Kanye saying that in verbatim about George Bush and African-Americans when Hurricane Katrina hit the south.

  15. “Look ! Jet Jaguar is here to save us !”
    *everyone dies*
    Well crap… o(>w<)o

  16. It should be noted that Eric Powell was replaced as the writter before the storyline was finished, so a lot of things were left hanguing.
    If you are wondering what was the deal with the Shobijin (Mothra’s tiny twin fairies) shown at the very end of this issue (wich don’t appear again until the next ongoing by another writter), Eric Powell explained that they were going to turn out to be just dolls and the old guy talking to them was crazy:

    • Well, good thing that plot point went nowhere isn’t it? ^^;

      • One one hand, the fact that it didn’t happen allowed the sequels to actually have the shobijin doing their thing. One the other, later ongoings didn’t actually need to be sequels to this one.
        We can only imagine how the comic would turned out been under Eric Powell’s full vision.

  17. Yeah, the IDW Godzilla comics had a rough start, but they did get better as time went by with their later entries, but yeah, the incredibly dickish kid characters & the celebrity parodies were unnecessary, more monsters, less bullcrap lol.

    Even though the twins Minette & Mallory aren’t one and the same with the Shobijin, I actually do like the idea of Mothra’s priestesses being human sized psychics rather than fairies who usually serve only as a plot device, i.e. interpreting Mothra’s will and/or being kidnapped by the bad guys to serve as a reason for why Mothra would attack cities looking for them etc. Heck, only the Mothra Trilogy films actually bothered to give the twins their own names & separate personalities, the rest of the time they remain nameless beyond their titles (Shobijin, Cosmos, or Elias) & speak in unison, hive mind style. I’m not a big Mothra fan, but I do think they could do something different with her twin messengers in future films to keep things interesting.

  18. While the dub refers to Battra as Mothra’s “brother” I’m glad I’m not the only one who still prefers to interpret them as female. There’s still a shortage of female kaiju(As totally awesome as the ones we have are), so more are always welcome.

    I’ve already gone on my rant about this series’ rather uncomfortable contempt for the Showa era, and even more uncomfortable hate-on for children, but it’s validating to see you tear into it over that, even if only for a moment.

    I think the worst part about this one, to me though, is the “subplot” about the hillbillies. We’ve seen MORE than enough random, pointless death in this series, but a subplot about a group of small-town hillbillies repeatedly trying and failing to wrangle a kaiju who couldn’t give less of a damn about them? Hell yeah I’d read that!

  19. Why are your reviews so short lately? The Nostalgia Critic’s now the one with the long ones! It’s great to see a review of a followup. Why is Lady Gaga everywhere nowadays? What’d you think of the recent Godzilla movie? Kudos to watching all of them!

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