Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #4 – AT4W

Sooo, when do we get to overthrow this Kingdom?

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  1. I did not see that ending coming. If anything, it makes Woods an anti-hero which I’m not very fond of. -_- Ugh.

    • There is no problem with antihero idea.. the issue is that this concept become overused by idiots who start make retarded hipster characters who would be crazy criminal otherwise but due to power of plot they become a heroes without achieving anything heroic.

      PS: If you wan’t example of properly made anti-hero watch The Postman.

  2. Congressional Medal of Honor.
    “Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress.”

  3. 0:53- Girly Yaya gave THE worst Super Bowl Halftime Show ever. …But the one from Lady Gaga was freakin’ awesome.

    3:16- If you want a moment you don’t want to relive, dude, I dare you to be part of the Trump Administration.

    7:04- In the words of The Cinema Snob, “That’s a dick!”

    Speaking as someone whose got the chance to see Shin Godzilla while it was in theaters here in the states, I am happy to say that the main character in that movie is NOT a selfish jackass who acts like he should have his own internet series of videos about him talking about things he hates while acting more pretentious than Terrance Malick.

    14:03- At least the theater next door is playing The Interview, starring Seth Rogan and James Franco.

    15:53- And this comic’s ending is better than the entirety of the movie “Jersey Shore Shark Attack.”

    Big Brother isn’t watching, Linkara is.

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    “War has changed! Or has it? I don’t know! Maybe! Yes, it has! Or did it?”

    The French military fighting giant monsters? Let me guess: their leader is obsessed with French Roast coffee, chews gum, and thinks all Americans talk like Elvis.

  5. Do a King Kong comic! They’ve made some of those, right? I hope “King Kong Vs. Godzilla” is good. It’s hard to remember humans from the Godzilla franchise. Maybe this is why. You shouldn’t develop them.

  6. What an overcompensating edgelord of a comic. It’s about campy, rubber-suited monsters but thinks it can go “Ugh, can you believe THOSE clowns??? The stuff they’re into is STUPID.”

  7. Oh screw this comic’s pretentious “the damn kids today” whining AND holier-than-thou political snootiness. Woods Doesn’t get to pretend he’s above progressive/conservative bickering after all the tripe he spews.

  8. Regarding the final scene between Linkara and Harvey….. wasn’t it behavior like this that caused Linkara to lose his magic power the first time? And with Comicron-1 destroyed, can he afford to risk losing it again?

  9. Captain Chaotica

    GEESH! Wow, what an asshole! Just because they’re on a stupid show doesn’t mean those actors deserved to _die_–and key word here: ACTORS. Meaning they might be much more normal/likeable in real life. Heck, I’ll wager a lot they’re more likeable than our main “hero”…

    And as for “the lost generation”–my dad _did_ grow up in during the Depression and WWII (he was a lot older than my mom)–and HE never acted half as crochety and obnoxious as this guy, about the later generations. Sure, he had this ingrained tendency towards penny-pinching even when it wasn’t actually necessary, but although he might frown that I had spent my saved-up allowance on a new video game…give it a couple days and I would come home from school to find HIM totally addicted to it!

    Even _actual old men_ who kinda did grow up in the age of “uphill both ways” are less grumpy and insulting about “kids these days” than this guy, is what I’m getting at. Good grief.

    Also, even with political philsophies I _do_ agree with, I absoutely hate when _anything_ pounds its Messge into the ground as hard as this thing does, to the point where it cuts out the actual story. Dude. Writer. Shut. UP!! You’re not cool, you’re not clever, you’re not all symbolic and artsy. You’re just some person ranting about their opinion, which we can get a dime a dozen anywhere on the Internet. Get off yourself and actually write the damn comic that was promised on the cover!

  10. Linkara, you are aware that if you use your hatred of Marville to power the Eastern seaboard for 100 years, that means by the year 2117 you will cease to hate Marville? The horror!!!

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