Goin’ Off #47: S.L.I.M.E. Season 2 by Young Thug

From a patreon request, we finally have no choice but to review a Young Thug album.

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  1. I didn’t hear about that B.O.B thing. I think that Kayne West would mess up a David Bowie cover album. It could go right because he is talented but he’s also very very crazy and it could go very very very wrong. If it wasn’t Kayne, then I wouldn’t be as scared. Your Grammy prediction is surprisingly right. I don’t get into politics but that one guy doesn’t sound so bad because it sounds like he’s just against abortion. Also, you should just start classifying this podcast as a music and politics podcast because that’s what it’s becoming. LOL. I’m surprised at Rap Critic’s critique of the Young Thug album. O.O So he’s a slightly talented douchebag then. Oh, and I can’t tell if Youtube Red is a good idea or not…

  2. Oh, and I so so wish you would go back to Sayanara.

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