Goin’ Off #48: Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise

From another patreon request, we finally have no choice but to review a Big Sean album….Why doesn’t anyone want us to review Aesop Rock or MF Doom or something?

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  1. LOL. I’m starting to feel like a broken record but you guys talk politics for every podcast now. -_- Also, I still like Iggy Azalea. I like Pretty Girls too. I think that she is a fangirl of rap and that’s what she wants to be. I don’t think she deserves all the hate she gets. Heck, I still like the Fine Brothers. Social message stuff sometimes makes me roll my eyes but disrespectful songs ALWAYS *cough* Big Sean *cough* make me roll my eyes. I prefer happy stupid music. Although, Turn Down For What is about weed? Is that what you said?! Also, Mues is gay? I thought he had a girlfriend? Why did you change outros? So many questions!

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