Goin’ Off #52: Untitled. Unmastered. by Kendrick Lamar and Poor Katt Williams

Kendrick Lamar drops a surprise album! Let’s see how it holds up!

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  1. Another enjoyable podcast. Oh, R.I.P. Bank Roll Fresh. Yep, I stopped going to Buzzfeed as much since they are just too millennial for me. No! I love I Saw the Sign. D: Well, did. I didn’t think it was generic but uplifting. Well, the same No Doubt situation happened with Black Eyed Peas. That happens in many bands, I think. That Firework conversation was so funny. I still like it though. I’m surprised that they cut out the letter F in the Nicki Minaj song. That’s one of my favorite things about that song. I remember the Blackbuster dude. Good times. Also, I’m surprised that Katt Williams was talking about Kevin Hart like that. I’m pretty sure he has a show on BET so I’m assuming that means something. I thought you were going to talk about Mr. Williams getting beat up in the park. I’ve never seen a Richard Pyror anything before. Oh, and I won’t be checking out the album even though it does sound good.

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