Goin’ Off #54: Cardboard Castles by Watsky

RC and Mues take another Patreon request and look at an album from Watsky.

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  1. Sorry, I still like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s still a fab movie. Then again, I relate to white culture even though I’m a minority. I didn’t think about representation as a kid. My grandma would complain about it but I never understood. I kind of do now but for me, my race has nothing to do with my life. I have freedom of religion. I’m not ugly. I have fun every day. I have friends. I have a job, food, and clothing. None of that has to do with race. I don’t mind some PC culture but I think it’s gone overboard. You never know what’s “offensive”. On that rock star pedo-ish thing, it depends on how bad it was. For example, I dated an 18-year old when I was 14 so I don’t know. Also, I knew that R Kelly was a little messed up but O.O I wouldn’t mind adult and kid bathrooms. I’m pretty religious so I don’t hate LGBTQ people. I truly think that following the Bible can improve all lives but I don’t hate them. I may check out this week’s album.

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