Goin’ Off #59: Lemonade by Beyonce

You’re gonna be REALLY surprised at what we think of Beyonce’s album…

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Black people and country: Ray Charles and Smokey Robinson (I think) did country songs. Country and R&B both have roots in Delta Blues.

  2. Loki The Flame Shield

    After listening to Lemonade, yeah it was pretty good and I can’t stand Beyonce. That said formation is still awful and the video was pretentious.

  3. The longer Beyonce’s career goes, the less I like her music. From her Destiny’s Child days to the Sasha Fierce years, I had always bought at least one song from every single one of her albums. Something changed with either her life or her artistry (or both) but I didn’t like her Beyonce album. I am afraid to try this album. My mom is loving the clean version of this, though. I don’t want to take much more disappointment. Although, I just looked up the lyrics for Formation and it seems like a Beyonce parody to me. Although, that Jack White song sounds like something I might like and maybe even the country sounding song. On the Jay-Z-Beyonce thing, I feel like one of two situations is happening: 1. They are in an okay relationship and are trying to make it work or 2. Yeah, it is a story device.

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