Goin’ Off #65: Hella Personal Film Festival

RC and Mues review an album from Open Mike Eagle and talk about Prince and Michael Jackson.

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  1. Like usual, I won’t be listening to this week’s album. I listen to the occasional Maroon 5. My favorite is Misery. I like 7 Years. I just like things that talk about lifespans. That’s why I love playing the board game Life. I’m odd that way. I like Kayne’s older stuff. The last Kayne song I liked completely was Monster. I did like Black Skinhead’s beat though. Also, yeah, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas is Mexican. One last thing: While some things will obviously offend people, some things are less obvious. That’s why I stay silent at work. I never know what people will take offense to and I don’t want to get fired. LOL.

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