Goin’ Off #73: Atmosphere’s Fishing Blues

This week, we talk about the “Ya Gotta Eat!” Checkers and “Got Milk? commercials, “Porn Kills Love”, and Atmosphere’s latest offering.

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  1. Wow! You’re posting videos more than Cookie Monster eats cookies. O.O That beginning was interesting… I do like Blow Pops, Toostie Roll Pops, and Toostie Rolls. I always thought that Toostie Rolls tasted like chocolate. However, I’ve never heard of Checkers. I don’t think there are any Checkers in Washington state. Also, I think that going against porn is good. It’s not a healthy activity. I wish it was banned. It may not kill love but it certaintly doesn’t help it. You can’t compare video games, alcohol, or even sex to porn because not all of video games, alcohol, and are bad. Although, I can say that it never got in the way of my job back then. What the heck? O.O I feel that the truth campaign tries too hard to be cool despite their good message. I don’t know if I’ll check out Atmosphere’s album or not but I do like happy music so… maybe?

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