Goin’ Up To The Phallus In The Sky – WTFIWWY Live

This week: the Baby Jesus, now in snack size! Also: a modern-day train robbery loses the plot, and a town-wide naked rampage …

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  1. My only request is more Grady appearances in the show!!

  2. 26:51 no motive just a LOCO motive

  3. We’ve always done advent calendars; We’ve had both the decorations you use year after year & the chocolate ones and we’re not especially religious. Disposable advent calendars are EVERYWHERE here (Alberta, Canada); I’m actually shocked to hear someone say “Is that a thing lots of people do?”

    On the Christmas lights front, it’s smarter to get them up before the snow flies and the temperature really drops.

    Any idiot knows how a drive-thru works; That schmuck was just dumb.

    If you live in the country and can’t find something to do, get the F out of the country.

  4. The “sky d**k” looks more like a top hat to me.

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