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Whats this? Could it be? Are the legends true? Is Hagan capable of not-hating New Who?!

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  1. I think Daleks fall under the inverse Ninja law (one ninja is an unstoppable killing machine but an army of ninjas is just a bunch of idiots in pajamas easily cut down) because otherwise everything would be fucked.

  2. Midnight is easily the best New Who episode. Most get too silly, but this one is dead serious, and smart to boot.

  3. got a soft spot for impossible planet/satan pit myself

  4. Oh gods, yes. I agree with almost everything you said here, especially how disappointing it was to find out that Russel T. Davies _can actualy write_ (Midnight!)…soon before his era ended! Dude, if you could do that at any time…why didn’t you?

    And “Turn Left” is one of my absolute favourites. I love its ominous, mounting bleakenss and the way things almost–gasp!–_logically_ spiral out from the one special going wrong. I also adore Donna AND alternate-timeline stories, so there’s that. And her grandfather is in it a lot. And he’s AWESOME.

    Eleven’s basically telling the world to murder any Silents they see? YEESSSS…to that being like Seven. Oh lord, that brought back the moment in “Remembrance of the Daleks” where he flatly states that he would destroy the entire Dalek homeworld again, if he had to! (Me being an oldschool fan, I was like, “What? What about the Thals? Were they still living there? They’re innocent!”)
    Seriously, one of the most chilling moments in Old Who and a defining moment for Seven’s blunt coldness at times. The moment with Eleven and the Silence…yeah. Yeah.

    Last but not least, YES to Mummy On the Orient Express feeling more like–and being possibly better as–an old Who episode! I immediately got that feeling from it from the beginning. Many New Who episodes, especially 2013-and-after, go around trying to evoke _retroness_ by setting it in the ’80s Cold War, or at Coal Hill School…but this one felt old-Whoish WRITING wise.

    Also loving the shout-out to Inferno. When it comes to stories that were _so good_ WITHOUT a monster and didn’t really need one…that’s the absolute first that comes to mind! I used to show my Who collection to my family, and _everybody_ was glued to the screen and talking about it the next day. Even those who normally weren’t that into the show!


  5. I agree with the choices, except for “Midnight” (which is basically Shamylalans “Devil” with the Doctor added – which weirdly doesn’t make it any better, because he acts just as stupid and irrational as the toast-guy in that movie).

    I’m a bit surprised “Silence in the Library” didn’t make at least honourable mentions (I think it is way better than Fathers Day), though.

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