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Az and Crowley!

Or: Good Omens, shipping, slash, asexuality, all that fanfic, and why we love their relationship (whatever it is) so much.

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  1. In before homophobic comments

    • Silly Falconfly. They cannot be gay, they have no gender! Silly you.
      It’s obvious that Azuraphale is crowleysexual while Crowley is aziraphalesexual. It just happens that those two orientations are compatible. 😛

  2. I know Angels are often depicted as not having free will but last I checked demons have always had free will. Especially in the interpretations where they are fallen angels they fell because they rebelled which is them asserting free will. Just being a bit nit picky overall I do like this video and am likely going to buy the book soon after hearing the premise. I’d say a better theme has less to do with free will and more to do with good and evil working together towards a common goal. Whether that goal is causing the apocalypse or preventing it.

    To quote a fallen angle from prophecy 5 “believe it or not sometimes the desires of heaven and hell are not mutually exclusive”

  3. I’ll stand corrected if anyone knows different but I always assumed that personality-wise, Aziraphale was based on Terry Pratchett and Crowley was based on Neil Gaiman.

  4. Angels shouldn’t have romantic love if that’s what’s implied. That’s just wrong.

  5. Not to burst/blow anyone’s bubble but real biblical angles totally got freaky with humans all the damn time back in the day. It was apparently all male angel on human female… which is really odd since angels are not human but bizarre wheels within wheels that are on fire and covered in eyes. Wheels within wheels is yonic by most measures.
    I just find it funny how modern angel stories are less weird and rated R than the original material. Kinda like how lesbian vampires came out before Bram Stoker’s book about Dracula.
    Anyway, we know how any romance between Angels and humans go (according to the Bible). Angels who express free will become fallen angels and are thus evil, whereas the Nephilim get ethnic cleansed when God flooded the Earth. Which is almost as lame as the fact that Dominion was cancelled.

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