Gravity Falls – Honest Review

ERod braves the Dangers and Mysteries of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I knew you were going to do this one day. And as it turns out we like a lot f the same things about it, Mabel is one of my favorite characters of the show, My Favorite Episode of season 1 is Time Travelers Pig my second favorite overall episode is Blendin’s Game (My absolute Favorite Episode is Soos and the Real Girl… I can’t help but love the Dating Sim/Anime jokes).

    Gravity Falls is a bit special to the me too, one my most popular fanfics is a Gravity Falls/Fairy Tail crossover, and writing that and other stories based around Gravity Falls have been helping me with dealign with both my parents deaths in the last two years (no kidding, my dad died last year and my mom died earlier this year).

    Also while reading this I realized you totally missed joke, when giving a 10 on the Badass-A-Tude Meter, you should have also given a 10 on the Awesometer! But still love the video…

  2. Gravity Falls is one of my all time favorite television shows, along with Stranger Things, Samurai Jack, and Twin Peaks. It is a perfect encapsulation of childhood summers and the adventures we all wished we could have had as kids. I find the characters to be relatable and memorable, with my personal favorites being Dipper (of whom I essentially was at 12 years old. Right down to the sibling height issue man, it’s freaky) and Bill (who is number 3 on my Top 10 Villain List of All Time and is only topped by Handsome Jack from the Borderlands games and the Reverend Harry Powell from the fantastic film The Night of the Hunter). The acting is spot on and warrants a plethora of emotions from the viewer. When I was first introduced to this series by a friend at a sleepover, we marathoned the entire first season in one night. I then brought my love of the show back with me to college and got my roomate and friends equally as hooked. We even held a viewing party for the premiere of Not What He Seems. The codes and mysteries were definitely my most favorite part of the series as like Dipper, I am huge into puzzles and mysteries and cannot rest until I’ve solved them. I kept my own Journal 3 filled with my theories and observations on the show as well as keeping an eye on every code I could that came from the episodes. It was like a fun little game to play after the show ended! Honestly, it was refreshing for me to find a series that had a legitimate mystery with twists, turns, and red herrings aplenty as it had been a while since I had found a puzzle that was legitimately unpredictable. So major thanks to Gravity Falls for reigniting my inquisitive side :). In terms of favorite episodes, Season 1 would be Dreamscaperers and Season 2 would be Take Back the Falls (aka the finale). What can I say? I love me some Bill time. In conclusion, Gravity Falls is one of those shows that sticks with you long after the final bus has pulled out of the station. Even if it has been almost two years since it ended, the fandom is still alive and strong with its many fan arts, fanfictions, fan videos, and cosplays (I’ve cosplayed Bipper, Dipper, and Weirdmageddon Wendy myself :D). Definitely give this show a ten out of ten!

  3. GREAT choice for a final review of the year.

  4. This comment may contain a huge SPOILERS:

    There is awesome theory that.. and that part isn’t a theory: Bill in fact foreshadow his return before his diminish. But considering that this show probably would not be renewed by design (and if it do it would be probably with new huge plot-arc, so it is unlikely that he will be the villain). So now is the theory part.. he in fact did, and did that in the past. Yes, there are two versions of the Bill in the show!

    But for answer I direct to The Film Theorists episode about that show.. it totally make a sense!

  5. Let me just say, I heavily appreciate the amount of effort and work that’s gone into Gravity Falls, and the characters are indeed memorable (Mabel is indeed hilarious and the best part of the show.) and the stories are very good. Overall the show is excellent.

    Personally however, while I do like the show, I’m not as huge a fan as a lot of other people. Same with similar shows, like X-Files, Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. I’ve never been a fan about shows trying to solve the supernatural, I’m more about keeping the supernatural unsolved and left in mystery.

    So as I said, Gravity Falls is a fantastic show, but like X-Files, Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, its not a show I’m hugely in to like other people.

  6. Fun fact, There was an Alternate ending in “Blendin’s Game” where Mabel and Dipper’s gift to Soos was bringing his son from the future to show him that while his own dad might be a washout, that is something he will never be.

    Gravity falls was a fantastic show that only comes along once in a lifetime, and I’m glad I was to see it through. #Trembly2020

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