Gravity Falls Vlogs: Blendin’s Game

He’s back…in TIME!

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  1. The “RV” on the sign was probably Robbie V. We know he does graffiti — he painted that muffin on the water tower, after all.

  2. My personal favorite joke from this episode was Blendin’s reaction to Soos wishing for a pizza slice and freaking out about how people have died to get that time wish, but as soon as Soos said it was an infinite pizza slice he calmed down and went “Yeah that’s a good time wish”

  3. Please please please watch Steven Universe.

  4. “Death!”

    Based on its name, I initially assumed that the majority of the episode would focus on game aspect, so it was interesting to see it instead take a back seat to Soos’ abandonment issues.

  5. -I knew you were doing the shorts because you said so on the Korra Vlog so I didn’t hear it here first. πŸ™‚
    -The fingers thing was deliberate but not for any big reason other than they decided some characters looked better with four fingers and some looked better with five.
    -RV=Robbie Valentino
    -I am a bit worried about the fate of Soos, especially after the next episode because in the back ground there is a tombstone that says RIP 1989-1971 which is an odd order and this episode establishes that he’s about 22 or 23 (if he’s 23 and the show takes place in 2012 then he’d be born in 1989) so is it foreshadowing that Soos will die in the past? Plus he went from having zero episodes dedicated to him in season 1 to two really close together and got himself a girlfriend and this episode really pointed out how much Soos means to everyone which would make it even more tragic if he died (sacrificing himself for the twins or Stan perhaps?) His name is Jesus after all…

  6. A lot of the kids don’t have fingers. At first I thought that all the children have four fingers and the adults have five, Dipper, Mabel, her friends Candy and Brenda, Pacifica, Wendy, Tambry, and Robbie while the other boys in the group have five. I’d assume that after puberty or something that characters have five fingers…
    But then there’s Lil’ Gideon. He is the only kid with five fingers. uugh that just makes him more creepy!

    P.s. Any vandalism/graffiti you see, assume Robbie V did it, like that Mushroom Cloud/Muffin he spray painted on the water tower.

  7. After you finish the Gravity Falls shorts and Over the Garden Wall, you should watch an anime to fill in the void left by Korra (even though I know neither that nor Avatar were technically anime). My personal suggestion is Death Note. It only has 37 episodes, which would make your shortest vlog series yet (after Over the Garden Wall). The basic premise is that there is a notebook where if you write a person’s name in it, that person dies. If I were to say any more on the plot I’d be spoiling everything. The show is dark and psychological and has an epic soundtrack. Here is sample from the soundtrack.

  8. Oh wow, I was trying to debate with myself whether or not I should ask if you had heard of Over the Garden Wall, and then I watched this video, cool! πŸ˜€

  9. This is my favorite episode in the entire show. I love time travel in pretty much anything, and I love how the writers use time travel in Gravity Falls. There aren’t many secrets revealed in this episode, and my favorite character, Stan, barely gets any lines, but Blendin’s Game is just so well written. It takes a lot for a visual medium to make me emotional, but my eyes always get wet at the end of this episode. Soos is awesome.

  10. I see the essence of the sweater still lives in Rob… Also, it’s time to see Over the Garden Wall.

  11. For what I’ve seen, I think it’s just that kids/young people have four fingers, and adults have five.

    Dipper & Mable/Robbie/Wendy etc, they all have four fingers.

    The only adult with four finger I’ve seen in the show was the doppleganger’s version of the author. Wich is actually foreshadowing the fact that he is not normal, so it’s pretty cool.

  12. Soos solved world hunger! Unless you’re a vegan, in which case you’re screwed.

  13. Over The Garden Wall is the best thing Cartoon Network has ever done. You heard me!

  14. I love how blendin just goes full lemongrab in this episode, the first time he appeared he was actually fairly quiet and mostly just kind of awkward, but in this episode I half expected him to begin screaming ONE MILLION YEAR DUNGEON.

    I also really liked how this episode acknowledged that dipper and Mabel were kind of jerks in time travellers pig, that was my only real issue with that otherwise good episode.

    I was rather disappointed that globnar was relegated to a montage, although I did love how hilariously anticlimactic the final challenge was.

    I like the backstory they gave to soos, this episode and soos and the real girl really helps set him apart from other character similar to him.

    And finally this episode was just really funny, Mabel especially was in top form this episode.

  15. If Doug wants to see another great show featuring Justin Roiland (Lemongrab, Blendin) he should totally check out Rick and Morty, it’s brilliant and Roiland voices both leads and shows a lot of range

  16. Over the Garden Wall is quite possibly now one of my favourite shows of all time so the fact that I’m going to see this soon just makes me want to scream happy things.

  17. You guys really need to check out Rick and Morty. I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot but it’s co created by Justin Roiland (Voice of Blendin, Lemongrab) and Dan Harmon (creator of Community, Channel 101, Heat Vision and Jack). It has some of the funniest writing and characters on television right now. Even though it’s much, much raunchier than Gravity Falls or Adventure Time there’s definitely a connection there and I think you’ll enjoy it greatly!

  18. My favourite visual gag from this episode was probably a sign outside the laser tag place that says, “We’re still cool!”

  19. i have a correction to make: On the previous episode I said it was Matt Chapman’s very last involvement with the show before moving out of the area. Since he is the voice of Soos’ mom, that means he VA’d on this as well and potentially any other appearances of hers in Season 2. However, Blind Eye is the last episode he wrote on.

  20. RV Is Robbie Valentino (“Young Robbie!”)
    Thanks for pointing out the fingers, I’ve never noticed that before!

  21. I am looking foreword to know what you say about the Over the Garden Wall its surprisingly an amazing show and needs a second season

  22. OMFG I practically humped my computer when I heard you guys are going to do Over the Garden Wall! That miniseries is fantastic!

    I’m so glad this episode didn’t go the way I thought it would as illustrated by Markmak

  23. Just checked quickly, and…

    Stan and Soos have 5 fingers, while Wendy/Mabel/Dipper have just 4 fingers. Odd thing…
    ”Adult-ish” characters have the full 5, while ”teens” and children have 4, maybe ?

    A weird choice for consistency, honestly ?

  24. The fingers people in town have differnt types …some belived its there lvl of understanding making the 6th finger one top of the chain

  25. You guys are seriously doing Over the Garden Wall? Oh my god I can finally die happy. And the shorts! Yay! Though I think Mabel’s Guide To Life might give Rob some ideas.

  26. Hey Doug,

    Sure people have said this already by now, but the RV is for Robbie. Robbie Valentenio (sp?). Love your reivews, so much fun. πŸ™‚

  27. I’ve noticed the fingers are a bit inconsistent in this show, which is strange considering it’s a plot point.

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