Gravity Falls Vlogs: Boyz Crazy

Girl, girl you know I love you, girl.

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  1. This might be my favorite episode of this season, it’s very funny has Disney making fun of themselves and has a really good Aesop, ruining a relationship just so that you have a chance to be with somebody does not make you a hero, even if your romantic rival is a douche.

    I can’t believe that season 1 is almost over, the last two episodes are thankfully very good and introduce one of my ▲favorite characters▲.

  2. you know how i guess that Dug didn’t listen to ,,Dipper Goes to Taco bell”? He still has some sine of innocence in his ayes!

  3. I love this episode! I was never really into the boy bands myself, but I had hamsters growing up.

    That makes sense in my head.

    Have you seen any of MadMod’s fanart for Gravity Falls, by the way? Specifically this piece of art for Sock Opera? (SPOILERS)

  4. “They won’t last a week.”

    It was surprising how much Disney allowed the Gravity Falls crew to satirize boy bands. Rob’s rendition Mickey Mouse made me think of the South Park episode with the Jonas Brothers.

  5. The goat’s eyes are just how actual goat eyes are. They normally have rectangular pupils because it gives them better peripheral vision to avoid predators and such. Many other animals have the same type of eyes.

  6. ”It east license plates. Why does he eats license plates ?” – Huh… It’s a goat ? That’s what they do ? They can literally eat cans and stuff like that. Not quite sure how though, but they do.

    Goats. They are weird.

  7. Ariel pretty much is Mabel. Hence the name of her tumblr:

  8. I don’t hate gerbils

  9. 1. Have you ever seen a goat’s eyes? Their pupils are weird like that.
    2. Ariel guest starred as one of Pacifica’s friends in this episode.

  10. PrincessPaladin

    That’s just what goat eyes look like.

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