Gravity Falls Vlogs: Irrational Treasure

Presidents need less pants.

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  1. Guys, I hope you do read comments here, since you have GRAVITY FALLS OFFICIAL DVD then you need to check this out, even their dvd has secrets

  2. Love Dougs reaction to twincest. XD

  3. Pinecest is nothing. Go look up “Depravity Falls” sometime.

  4. Mabel centric episodes are surprisingly rare but generally really good, although I do have some issues with boss Mabel.

    Mabel is a character that in a lesser show would have been incredibly annoying, but strong writhing a great voice actor and the fact that her and dipper actually like each other makes her probably my favorite character.

    Oh Doug don’t you know? There’s porn of everything on the internet no exceptions, its why humanity is doomed to destroy itself.

  5. Peasant the Dashing Rouge

    So we now know the Doug is the spawn of Japanese animation. Does this mean he’s sugoi?

  6. Wood, my age-old enemy.

  7. Dumbledore the Grey

    Does the $-12 dollar bill become even less than worthless with inflation?

  8. I really like this episode, particularly because of the president. he reminds me of Sheogorath, from the Elder Scrolls games. I think i just enjoy madness in characters like that, they’re hilarious just by acting on themselves.

  9. oh god! if you hate this insest bullshit, don’t look up Danny Phantom!

  10. I was so disappointed when Trembly left. Every one of his lines is gold.

  11. Spot on Nick cage impersonations… But strange ass out of no where twincest discussion… wtf? lol

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