Gravity Falls Vlogs: Northwest Manor Mystery

Ah, it’s good to be back!

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    You guys have such great bro-chemistry in this vlog. I think the next nc will probably be an animated film but who knows. Also my sister told me that there not aloud to have gay characters on gravity falls so you guys are thinking wrong Mabel is not gay.

  2. RE: rainbow sweater: it was intended to be a nod to the LGBT community. In the original story boards, in the diner, the Love God tells the old lady that the love of her life is waiting for her just other there, and when the camera pans to the diner counter, it is another old lady. In addition, the love god’s necklace was originally the genderqueer symbol. In both cases, the animators were forced to changed the details, with the lady getting matched with a guy instead and the necklace changed to simply a male and female symbol. Mabel’s sweater was a nod by the animators to the LGBT community in a “we tried but this is the best we can get away with” manner.

  3. The great thing about the countdown is it’s the exact number of days and hours until the next episode airs.

  4. Am i the only one who notice that the pose that dipper when he was turned into wood was the same as the shapeshifster being frozen?

  5. if you want to see Robby done right, please check out Steven Universe. i’m begging you. it’s made by Rebecca Sugar, or the greatest writer on adventure time. please check it out

  6. When are you going to do the Shorts? I’m looking forward to seeing your reactions to Mabel’s Guide to Life.

    On the subject of LGBT, in the original storyboards of The Love God, one of the couples he made in the diner was two women, but the network forced them to change one of them into a man.

    Also, subtle things about this episode:
    When Pacifica is running from the ghost and hiking up her skirt, she has her pinkies out.
    When Dipper gets turned to wood, he’s in the same pose as the shapeshifting monster from Into the Bunker when he said “This is the last form you’ll ever take.”
    The countdown timer on the laptop is at 21 hours. The next episode comes out 21 days after this one did.

  7. ShakespeareanInsults

    I loved this episode! and how is this showed rated tv 7? Blood was passed by the censors. WAY TO GO DISNEY NOW ONLY NEED TO SHOW SOME MORE REPRESENTATION OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY!

    • Unfortunately, they’re in a spot where they air the show in countries where that could get it outright banned.
      Obviously the moral high ground path would be to tell said countries to shove it, but good luck getting that idea past a board of directors.
      Kinda wish they’d just edit the references from those region’s versions rather than from all of them though.

  8. Leaps and bounds better than the last episode, and thanks to this episode I now ship Pacifica and Dipper. 😀

  9. I have been caught in the savory-sweet loop. It’s hard to break out of.

  10. The writers of Gravity Falls are extremly pro lgbt. They have been attempting to insert lgbt background charecters and symbols forever, only to be shot down when they present the show. In love god they wanted his necklace to be one that symbolizes all sexualities, just for it to get changed. They also tried lesbian elderly woman, only for it to be replaced with a straight couple.

    The hinting of Pacifica being abused really changed how you see her as a charecter.

    Also have you thought of watching Steven Universe? It’s a great show on cartoon network.

    • I’m a little sad that no one seems to have noticed the reference to Adventure Time at the end of the episode. Adventure Time did a very similar thing in one of the episode before *Something Big* where Maja the witch did some wonderfully clever and subtle foreshadowing by saying, “I’m cooking up something big! Mwahahahahahha!” And in this episode, McGuckett was saying, “Something big is coming!” Other than that, I’m expecting to see tons more dipper X pacifica fanart and fanfics after this episode spreads.

  11. Doug and Rob,
    It is speculated by fans that the llama on the Cipher Wheel is Pacifica. Because in the scene where the LumberGhost sneaks up behind her from a cloth on a painting, it reveals a llama in the painting.

    About Mabel’s “moose and pine trees” sweater… I believe it was supposed to be the “Elusive Moose”. I mean, that moose IS running… just sayin

  12. Well I was jokingly (but actually not jokingly) been rooting for Mabel and Pacifica since the Golf episode but that isn’t going to happen when, as many people have mentioned, Disney took out the cute old lady lesbians that had the smallest of roles or the trans community symbol on the Love God’s chain.

    I don’t remember if you guys noticed in the Golf episode but it’s Nathan Fillion voicing Pacifica’s demonic father.

  13. For the moment, it definitely seems like Pacifica is starting to crush on Dipper. Just judging by how excited she got when he came back to the party and how devastated she looked when he told her off.

    And another three weeks before the next episode? Why even bother premiering this one now? To quote Big Worm from Friday, “You’re playing with my emotions.”

  14. I read somewhere that an animator from the show wanted to make lesbian couple In one short scene in the love God episode, when the love God was making up random couples. Only he idea wasn’t approved and so she gave Mabel that sweater 🙂

  15. If Joe Paulson from The Tommyknockers is the Six Million Dollar Asshole then Preston Northwest is the Six Trillion Dollar Asshole.

  16. I’m suprised they didn’t mention or notice this but did anyone see that Dipper froze in the exact same pose that the monster did (the pose that would be dippers last)

  17. man i can’t help but feel like this character has been done before. a wealthy character who is usually a snob of some-sort is revealed to have a bad home life and makes friends with the protagonists after this is revealed to them & the audience. i wanna say Hey Arnold! did it.

    • okay after looking up some stuff i found out that quite a few cartoons did something similar, granted not identical, but y’know in spirit it’s the same idea executed in varying ways; hey arnold was one of them and so was as told by ginger, kim possible, recess, batman beyond, sym-bionic titan, the oblongs, rugrats all grown up, and doug. and i know how much doug loves hearing about doug.

  18. I kinda liked this episode as well…to be honest I couldn’t have foreseen that potential “romance” coming,but it’s not unwelcome at all.
    All in all it’s a great episode,with a great ration of funny to serious/spooky
    and character development,it pretty much gave us an extensive history background to Pacifica and the whole Northwest family…mostly told through portraits(well and the lumberjack’s story)

    Now on the Vlog,it was satisfying enough…but if I had to nitpick I would say I would like to have heard what do Doug and Rob had to tell on the 102 Year old mayor of gravity falls(and his familiarity with death..or even longing…in a funny way).He seems to be the oldest person in gravity falls…and if I predict things well enough he should take a part in the upcoming Apocalypse episode.even if only as a source of information,I mean him being that old means he should know A LOT about the town’s history
    and let’s not forget that he is also described as a Recluse,and I don’t think it’s only because of his age.

    also I’ll leave that here
    A small fast animation made from the same guy that made,”what if gravity falls was an anime” this guy is fast, the animation is clearly made in a hasty manner but he does use a rather “clever-ish” method to cover that up.

  19. So glad GF vlogs are back! And Sibling Rivalry! And Sweater Watch! I liked this episode focused on Dipper being a bad ass ghost hunter. Mabel’s story was satisfactory, just kind of cute and fun. As a whole this episode was scary, funny, mysterious and even a bit romantic! (I hope Padippica is real!!!) One of my favourite episodes ever!

    Gravity Falls is like your favourite old suit that you put on occasionally and fits you just right. Next is Not What He Seems! March 2nd guys… I was thinking they would save this for the season finale but we’re only Episode 11!!!

  20. Also doug when they were hiding under the table dipper was flipping though the book and the catagory 9 ghost was a reference to freddy krueger.

  21. This was an wonderful episode
    They are great together but Dipper is considered with one of Mables friend dating possible
    You didn’t talked about how Dipper said your the worse
    They should haw don a episode where Dipper defeated the Vampire Bat

  22. You neglected Adventure time and you didn’t do the Over the Garden Wall. After you watch it watch Over the garden Fall
    Watch Steven Universe

  23. Also you guys remember the episode in the bunker and when the shapeshifter said this is the last thing you’ll see and he did that scream when he turned into dipper in this episode dipper did the same scream and movement when he was turned into wood. Councidence I THINK NOT.

  24. You want a real sweet savory loop, after this I watched the kids cooking challenge and they had to make one dozen sweet puffs and one dozen savory puffs. Also if that blows your mind, there is totally a rainbow on the right side of the video, left side of these two guys, from the top you have red, then purple, then blue, a thin strip of green where the wall meets the baseboard, and then a piece of yellow trim then the reverse almost happening with the blue and then a bit of red on the slim strip of base board. Also they completely missed all the bird depictions including one of a bird over a bunch of trees with people in it (not the one with bill in it that was seen at the end this one is towards the middle) and a few other things.

  25. The next episode is March 9th, so it’s a gap but not as long.

  26. Dipper’s sass game was FIERCE this week.

    “And if she was here, I’d tell her that. To her Face” (*Pacifica Knocks*) “I need your help” “You’re the worst” *Shuts Door*

    “I’ll be out of your, probably dyed, blond hair”


  27. okay, i know i’m going to get some crap for this, but you guys need to see this

  28. I swear that prince’s intro was a flying pillow away from going full Prince Peasley.

  29. that final scene has to be the best one since the pool kid. i dunno why this show makes every officer couple into some kind of homoerotic couple but i find it hilarious.
    also, stan has a brother, im calling it like so many others did before me. it makes too much sense to be ignored.

  30. Running With Scissors

    The next episode is called “Not What He Seems”.

    Someone get a mop because on March 9 my brain will have exploded all over the floor. And if Stan’s secret is as big and personal as we think it might be, he may evolve from one of the funniest cartoon characters on TV right now into one of the best cartoon characters ever. Like Batman TAS good.

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