Gravity Falls Vlogs: Not What He Seems


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  1. ShakespeareanInsults

    This episode was a freaking doozy. Like I really can’t believe the Stan Twin Theory was canon.

  2. The whole time Dipper and Mabel were wondering about Stan I kept wondering why they didn’t think to call their parents. If Stan is their father’s uncle wouldn’t it make sense to think he might know more than they do about who Stan really is? For that matter, why do we not know anything about their parents?

  3. Cool interview with the creator Alex Hirsch about this episode on the av club. Well worth the read.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Stan’s breakout sequence. That was the most bad ass scene I’ve seen on Gravity Falls, it was so fluid and TIGHT, like movie level quality animation!

  5. Aww. You missed my favorite joke!
    “Oh no! It’s the final countdown! Just like they always sung about!!”

  6. The two halves are actually very well done for this episode. As you guys say, the 1st part’s nothing but jokes and the 2nd half is all serious. Two extremes of the show but what was interesting is, they chose to put the jokes first.

    It’s almost as if they realised they can’t add jokes to a serious moment, sot hey got them all over at the beginning, but not too much or too little to overtake or under-perform the episode.

    What made me smile was “Here’s $100 I want you to drive the the mystery shack!” “Okay?” It was a smart and funny plan 🙂

    • i wouldnt say all jokes and all serious. it was pretty much a term of orientation. more joke oriented and more drama oriented. it was perfectly balanced and paced though

  7. This was epic WE NEED MORE EPISODES
    Stan was bad ass when he escaped
    Mable can get distracted by the fact that she doesn’t want things to go bad that is why she continued to be in denial

  8. When I finally saw Stan’s brother I was just SO happy. People have been theorizing about forever, it’s just great seeing it actually happen. When ARE the Adventure time V-logs coming back, mean GF isn’t coming back for another few weeks so we might as well make good use of the time.

  9. Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes. Those last four minutes, oh, boy.
    I just hope McGucket returns sometime. He used to work with Stan’s brother, so it would be neat to see them reunite. And if the portal wasn’t the darkness Bill was talking about…what was?
    And Stan, Soos, Dipper and Mabel are gonna have some real emotional issues in the next episode, I can tell. I mean, they all basically betrayed each other.
    PS, no this was not the season finale.

    And, Doug, since there won’t be any more GF episodes until SUMMER, how about you do some of those OTHER Vlogs you said were coming. Y’know…
    -Over The Garden Wall
    -The Gravity Falls Shorts (TBH, I think you should just watch them all and make one big Vlog of your reactions)
    -All the Adventure Time episodes you haven’t seen yet (AKA, Ghost Fly, Everything’s Jake, Is That You?, Jake The Brick, Dentist, The Cooler, The Pajama War, Evergreen, Astral Plane. Gold Stars, The Visitor, The Mountain, Dark Purple, Diary, and Walnuts & Rain)

    If I were you, I’d really take advantage of this hiatus.

  10. You guys should watch the cartoon “Steven Universe” to tide you over during the hiatus. It has an overarching storyline, and was made by Rebecca Sugar, who worked on Adventure Time. I feel like you would like it.

  11. Ok. havent seen anyone bringing this up, so im gonna do it. the family is going to get divided. Gruncle Stan and Mabel defending their actions for their family. And who im guessing is grandad Stan and Dipper angry at them for playing with forces that they dont comprehend. Its the whole heart vs mind thing. Even if it was for a good cause in their hearts, they should have known better. Dont know where seuss and wendy are gonna stand on this. Probably seuss with stan and mabel and wendy with dipper and grandpa. Though i believe they will try to be the voices of family union in each group.

    Im guessing that that family dispute and the new menace (prob. bill cypher or bigger) will be the main focus of the next season or half season wathever. would be very pissed at disney if this is the end.
    the whole talk at the begining and the picture of mabel and dipper crashing was a big foreshadowing of the next arc.

    and those are my thoughts on this whole thing which could also turn out to be completely wrong. thank you again for listening internet.

  12. So checking the interview with Alex Hirsch on A.V. Club, Disney has decided that Gravity Falls Season 2 will resume “this summer.” Apparently the channel is treating this as a “mid-season break,” which was something that happened in season 1 between “Summerween” and “Boss Mabel” when it took 4 months for the show to return.

    It should be noted that this was a decision by the network and not a creative choice on Hirsch’s part. Still, it does mean we’ll have to wait months now that all this has unfolded.

  13. You guys quoting Ben Linus just made my day!!!

  14. Adventure Time, please?

  15. Why do we assume there is only one author? Logically there are three authors since there are three books. And maybe they split some data so that all three would need to be in agreement to access the data.

    And worse case scenario, maybe Soos’s dad is a good guy and he had a good reason to never visit Gravity Falls like he was running from the cops or aliens. Which would be terrible.

  16. MyImaginationPlain

    You two should watch Steven Universe. If you like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, you’d absolutely love this.The creator used to work on Adventure, and the humor is pretty similar. But in my opinion, it might be even better. The plot is over-aching, and there’s LOADS of awesome character development. The show just gets deeper and more mature the longer in goes, as does Steven. Its going to have over 100 episodes, and we’re only at 52. Plus, the animation is fluid, and Backgrounds are AMAZING. And the music is to die for.

    Also, did anyone notice how Soos wanted to be Grunkle Stan’s son?

  17. RebeccatheCartoonFan

    This episode is crazy, and we’re only halfway through the season! Gravity Falls is just brilliant, it is one of those shows where you forget you’re watching a so called “children’s ” cartoon.

    Doug, I know I’m not the first person to suggest this, but I think you should consider doing a Vlog series on the show Steven Universe.

    It is a lot like Adventure Time in the sense that it starts off rather unassuming but ends up revealing much more than you’d ever expect. It also has a sense of humor and plenty of emotion and the animation is very well done ( particularly in later episodes ).

    Again, just a suggestion, but I think that it’s a series worth your time.

  18. Fifteen new episodes of Adventure Time since Josh and Margaret Investigations and not even a mention? All for this Disney pull taffy? You are going to wait until Gravity Falls is over sometime years from now before ever going back to Adventure Time? How fickle.

  19. I love these Gravity Falls vlogs, I really love this show and hearing others opinions on it is great! It’d be so cool if Doug and Rob did an Over the Garden Wall vlogs, since its a show thats pretty similar in tone i would think they’d enjoy it.

  20. I wholeheartedly agree with the video description, but in more explicit terms.


  21. You should do Steven Universe vlogs!

  22. The key symbol in the show usually indicates a key for a cypher of the show, example in into the bunker on the barrel as they enter the bunker there is a key and the word shifter which is the key to the cypher at the end of the show. I imagine that one of the hidden cyphers in the show that Mabel is the key, or it could be that she was the key to Stanford getting his twin brother Stanley back from the dead. Also when Stanford escaped I’m surprised they didn’t mention how he pick pocketed one of the guards, no seriously watch the scene again he puts his foot on one of the guards knocking their wallet out, Stanford then grabs and pockets the wallet while escaping the room.

  23. Some things you may have missed Doug:

    1. The license plates for the government cars, when desiphered, reads “GUVAMENT”

    2. The beginning, a page in Journal #1 has a picture of The Floating Cliffs, as seen in Gideon Rises, and the code on the page reads “”MY COMPASS GOES HAYWIRE THE CLOSER I GET TO THEM DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT DOES: THE ANSWER MAY BE UNDERGROUND.”

    3. The ending of the episode features the original Mystery Twins on a swingset. This swingset was seen, broken down, in Dreamscaperers. Specifically, the swing that Grunkle Stan supposedly sits on is broken in two.

  24. Please watch Steven Universe!

  25. I can swear for real!

  26. Pointless to post anything at this point, but I have a tradition to keep up.

    I also really enjoyed this episode, many big reveals and some very good drama yet also somehow still very funny.

    I was one of the people who doubted the Stan twin theory, looking back it the twist was amazingly well foreshadowed.

  27. So is one of the Stans their Great-Grandfather? Or is there a 3rd Great-Sibling somewhere?

  28. I love Grunkel Stan. I figured he was helping someone out. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt the kids.

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