Gravity Falls Vlogs: Society of the Blind Eye

You watched it, you cannot unwatch it…or can you?

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  1. Rob is going to freak out at the Mabel sweater in two episodes time!

  2. So, here’s a few things that may or may not matter. We have the Society of the Blind Eye, which has no eyes. We have Bill Cypher, who has one eye. We have Gruncle Stan, who has two eyes but plays around with an eyepatch. We have Book 2, which has a monocle. Maybe related, Lazy Susan with a usually closed eye that Stan had a thing for that one time. What if the author was a woman involved with Stan, who gave up/lost one eye that created/was stolen by Bill Cypher? What if that’s her eyepatch that Stan wears? What if she went in pursuit of Bill or something else and Stan is looking to follow her?

    Also interesting, remember Mabel’s managerial manual? You guys were saying it’s from 1983. Which would imply that Stan bought it a year after whatever went down in 1982. Probably when he decided to open up the Mystery Shack. Time travel is also a thing on this show (as will be seen next episode, I believe).

  3. Why haven’t they come across the twins before now and tried to erase their memories?

    …Maybe they have?

  4. Surprised that there has been no mention of how some characters ave 4 fingers and some have 5. They are going all Super Fogeys on us.

    And this has probably been shown before, but the portal lead to Rick and Morty.

  5. Following the Royal Order of the Holy Mackarel on YouTube, I was aware the show would have a secret society this season and ultimately expected more than I got. I got the feeling the secret society (potentially an ancient one) would be a player throughout the season, being a bit of a thorn-in-side and potential ally to Dipper in the same way the Government agents would be (though they haven’t come back yet). Their actions would then be calculated manipulations by Bill Cipher or perhaps another entity to bring about the dark day that was foretold in Dreamscapers.

    But nope. Just a bunch of citizens only concerned with erasing memories in a society that’s relatively young in the grand scheme of secret societies, and it’s dissolved in the very episode its introduced in. It served whatever purpose the show wanted for it, but for the time being I see it as a wasted opportunity. The ending, however, is 100% worth the watch.

  6. There is a theory that Stan had a twin brother who might be the author

  7. Anyone notice that the rack that McGucket’s memories were also had Pacifica’s fathers memories also?
    I think Pacifica’s dad has something to do with the journals

    Its about the agents.

  8. My current theory is that the author is Great Uncle Stan’s unmentioned brother because he is a great uncle we know he has to have a brother because great uncle= brother of a grandparent. and in the time travelers pig we see someone who looks slightly different from Stan open the door to the snowy mystery shack who’s hands are conveniently just out of the shot.

  9. How the society missed Dipper and Mabel all summer was because those kids know when to keep their mouth shut.

  10. Don’t know if this is a throwback reference or not but Peter Serafinowicz who did Darth Maul’s voice played the character blind Ivan.
    Blind ivan has tattoos very similar to the arrangement of pinheads scars.
    The guy who played pinhead Doug Bradley is the voice of the Sith Emperor in the online star wars game the old republic.
    Don’t know if that’s a thing but still fun that it’s there 😉

  11. Is it just me, or was Doug’s face MADE for evil looks.

  12. I think the reason the blind eye never went after them was because I think they only erased people’s minds that were super freaked about what they saw.

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