Gravity Falls Vlogs: Sock opera

I prefer Sock Rock.

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  1. This season dedicated 3 episodes to really developing 3 female characters: Wendy, Pacifica, and Mabel. Then it goes back to developing Dipper.


  2. Woa Doug kinda had a freaky moment there. Maybe the sweaters are starting to affect him. Like being too close to power lines for too long.

  3. One detail I liked about this episode was when Bill Cipher ran as Dipper, he still had his arms at a 90 degree angle.

  4. Did you order the Code Red Doug? DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?!

  5. Bill really scares me. The first time I saw him in Dreamscapers, I couldn’t sleep. I thought that the was going to come out of my lamp and invade my mind. He still scares me to this day.

  6. That vlog was really something…something terrible that you didn’t mention the end cerdits gag!

  7. Puppetry is a lost and cheap or free street peasant art.

  8. And besides Sock Puppets are freaking lame.

  9. This is close to matching Into the Bunker for my favorite episode of the series so far. For whatever reason, I found Bill a lot more effective in this episode than in Dreamscapers. His casual displays of power, some great jokes mixed in with legitimately disturbing stuff, and I’m always a sucker for rhyming portents of doom. His “Night of the Hunter” inspired costume for the play was pretty awesome as well. He seemed to show an oddly personal disdain for Dipper. As if possessing his body wasn’t enough, he went out of his way to injure Dipper (part of the reason his body gave out) and seemed to be trying to ruin his interpersonal relationships as well.

    And yes, I would go see Mabel’s rock opera as well. “I am a mayor, here’s an award.”

  10. Surprised you didn’t talk about how Bill!Dipper is dressed as the preacher from Night of the Hunter. Or all the Phantom of the Opera references.

    Loving this vlog series.

  11. Time for your Matt Chapman on Gravity Falls trivia!

    For this episode, he was one of the puppeteers in the live action sequence during the credits.

  12. There’s an interesting, really dark, and well done alternate ending that a fanartist did in comic form. Worth a look.

  13. PrincessPaladin

    I never ever have that assumption or “initial reaction”. This “extreme” is not a stereotype. I think it’s just something in your head if you think of that first thing.

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