Gravity Falls Vlogs: The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

It’s just Widdle Ol’ Gideon. Dipper and Mabel find a new neighbor, a psychic kid named Lil’ Gideon.

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  1. Glad you two caught the Twin Peaks reference! And yes, that was meant to be a Twin Peaks references. He’s seen the show, and given both stories kinda occur in the Pacific Northwest he’s decided to steer into the skid so to speak.

    Also, Grunkle Stan’s tattoo is brought up in the Gravity Falls Short Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained: Stan’s Tattoo. I hope you two cover the shorts as well. There’s 17 shorts, each a little over 2 minutes long, that aired in between the break between seasons 1 and 2. There’s some amazing gems in there.

    • I second the request for short reviews, but don’t forget “Mabel’s guide to life”. I thin those are even more awesome than Dipper’s shorts.
      Also Fixin’ it with Soos.

  2. Rebecca Speckenbach

    I love the relationship between Mabel and Dipper so much. It could have been so easy to have just made Dipper the straight man to Mabel, and have Dipper constantly getting annoyed with Mabel, but they really do act like siblings. Mabel is usually ridiculous, but not un-relatable and can be serious at times. And Dipper can act extremely goofy at times as well. I like that they’re balanced that way.

  3. Your memory of Twin Peaks seems to be muddled together with a reference to Twin Peaks they made on The Simpsons, but yeah, that’s definitely a Twin Peaks reference.

  4. I think the really natural relationship between Dipper and Mable comes from the fact the creator of the show, Alex Hirsch, based the characters on him and his twin sister. And yes, his sister did wear crazy sweaters like Mable.

  5. I really love Mabel. She reminds me of the lizard in this picture:
    No matter the situation she is in, Mabel is always going to mabel.

    Also loved when she said: “Gideon, I just don’t love you, but we can still be friends and makeover buddies.” “Really?” “No, not really. You tried to kill my brother, you psycho!”

  6. Hey look, they even have their own Soos. *Soos suspicious look*

    The star with the eye is the symbol that defines Gideon un the Cipher Bill’s Criptic Circle at the end of the opening.

  7. “Mable’s not here, she’s in sweater town.”

    On my first viewing, I actually thought Gideon was a very short adult until he started hitting on Mable. Him having one of the books was definitely an intriguing twist.

    • I really liked that reaction from Mabel. At first, it seems like just another kooky thing she would do/say, but it feels very genuine. She does seem like she’s actually upset and this is how she would react. She wouldn’t just say “go away Dipper, I need some time to myself,” because she’s not that sort of person. She still uses her kookiness to convey her mood.


    • It’s funny I used to do that as a kid. But I did it for fun, not to be left alone.

  8. L’il Gideon is based on a televangelist, Benny Hinn, and a child preacher from the 1960’s, Larry Hal Larimore (look up a picture of him, and be freaked out.

  9. I also really enjoy the relationship between mabel and dipper, it’s nice to have siblings in a kid show who don’t hate each other.

    Rob if you think the show is violent now then you’re going to love season 2.

    I quite like Gideon as a villain, it’s rare that you have a child antagonist in a kids show that can still be taken serious, I wonder when he’s going to reappear In season 2.

  10. Doug has gotten so good at vlogging! He comes prepared and excited, nice!

  11. You guys missed the whole point of how giddean was forcing mabel into doing what he wants by using the awed people around him who would turn on mabel if she refused him. his over use of spectacle trapped her into a corner she NEEDED HELP ESCAPING FROM. How did you miss that!

    • Thank you! I was going to say the same thing. This episode really shows how public pressure can make it difficult for people, especially a young girl, to say no. Mabel tried to put a stop to it several times and each time she’s about to make it clear, Gideon makes it difficult for her to say no. Gideon is manipulative and was deliberately using social pressure to make it harder for Mabel to say no directly. There are people that do this and a lot of people have been in Mabel’s shoes.

      It’s the same problem when someone (be a man or woman) makes a proposal in front of a large group of people. If the person doesn’t want to marry them, they either have to say ‘yes’ when they don’t want to or risk everyone calling them a jerk for daring to being honest and saying ‘no.’ It’s one of my favorite episodes for that reason and shows it’s not always a case of ‘they just need to make it clear and breakup’.

      Okay, to end on a positive note, I am glad you guys are enjoying the show. It’s one of the best kids shows created in the last few years and I’ll be curious what you think of the later episodes.

      • “It’s the same problem when someone (be a man or woman) makes a proposal in front of a large group of people. If the person doesn’t want to marry them, they either have to say ‘yes’ when they don’t want to or risk everyone calling them a jerk for daring to being honest and saying ‘no’…”

        You know, I always thought that people did that to make their proposal memorable. But yeah, you’re right it is a lot of pressure when you do that. I guess now I have to cancel that skywriter.

    • Yes, I was going to say this too. Gideon is the worst. She didn’t even want to go out with him in the first place, but there’s this social pressure that if a guy is nice to you and wants to date you, you should give him a chance. Then he completely ignored her wishes for them to be hanging out as friends and forced her into a date. She was perfectly clear about her feelings, he just chose to ignore it.

  12. One question about this one, how was Mabel able to use the medallion’s powers at the end?

  13. Gideon was based on a televangelist. -The More You Know-

  14. HAHA! I knew everything gets better in this episode. Not to say previous episodes were bad. Just that this show gets ten times better with this.

  15. Doug, PLEASE DO A ‘LOST’ EDITORIAL!!!! You’ve been mentioning it a lot recently and I really want to know your opinions on the characters (like Ben, Locke etc.)
    I will be forever grateful!

  16. I KNEW it’d be the reveal of Journal #2 that made you gasp! 😀 Next to “Dreamscaperers,” this is my favorite episode of season 1. It introduces Gideon, who’s my 2nd favorite character in the show, and what a fantastic introduction it is! I love his whole televangelist preacher crossed with a sideshow psychic shtick, and I just have a weakness for characters who are as adorable as they are evil. He’s also voiced by Thurop Van Orman, the creator of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, another great cartoon that Alex Hirsch (the creator of Gravity Falls) worked on as a storyboard artist a few years ago.

    I really love the dynamic between Gideon and Mabel, the way the both of them don’t know how to handle the situation and aren’t mature enough to do the right thing, is really realistic but rare when it comes to how child characters are usually written. Gideon is a spoiled brat so he spoils her with all these elaborate ways of showing his affection, thinking that’ll win her over, and even pressures her with public proposals because he likes her so much he wants to do everything possible so that she can’t say no. Mabel COULD still say no, but she doesn’t, because she has a very naive view of the world. She wants everyone to be happy all the time when that’s not possible, so she won’t personally tell Gideon the truth for fear of disappointing or upsetting him. Of course, she stops caring about that once his sociopath side comes out and he attacks Dipper…

    Agreed about Dipper and Mabel’s sibling relationship, too! With so many shows having brothers and sisters that hate each other, the Pines twins actually loving and caring about one another, and really acting like it, is super refreshing. You may have heard this already but the characters of Dipper and Mabel are based on the creator Alex and his actual twin sister Ariel, which probably explains a lot about the way they interact!

  17. ShakespeareanInsults

    Loved this episode too! I definitely agree about the sibling relationship they are just too cute. They are nothing like me and my brother lol

  18. I’ve been having issues with the comments feature on this new site. Also, I’m sad that there’s no ratings system anymore. 🙁 I don’t know anything about having a sibling but I think the sibling thing feels realistic to you guys because the creator of this show based some of it on his sister and him.

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  20. Acetylsalicilique

    But… but… Lost’s ending was great =(

  21. That’s yet another vlog where the ending has me cracking up. Well done!

  22. When you spoke about the lesson, I kind of got a little pissed. Because to me this was not an episode for a lesson for girls to pick up, but more for a lesson for boys to pick up on. Though its clear she did not want to date him from the beginning and was a creep from start to finish, it was clear, especially after the first date, that she was extremely pressured to continue this relationship. The kid started forcing her and using peer pressure, we see how uncomfortable she s, how scared, and I think that’s kind of a lesson for girls, not to give in to pressure and to say no if something scares you, but also for a lesson for boys to NOT BE this person, to not be this creepy, obsessive and scary. There are plenty of freaky things happening right now in the world, for girls, and the reason Mabel asked Dipper to help her, was specifically because she was scared for her life. This show portrayed a character who was creepy, slightly charming, very manipulative, and kind of showed boys NOT to do this. That its not okay and I hope that girls are not prizes. The key fact that they used Mabel, a main character, and someone most viewers have learned to like and appreciate by now, was so they see the damage that can be done and to respect a girls choice.

    I don;t know there was this lack of blame happening on the character that really deserved it (the villain) and a lot of pressure or blame on Mabel who was the victim. And the guys didn’t say that, they didn’t mean to imply it in the least I’m sure, but they also never made clear that it was the evil boy’s fault and creepiness that was the problem, not her reaction.

  23. Doug’s little bit about how you shouldn’t date a nice person if you didn’t feel they were right for you hit me right there. I was best friends with a guy since 2003, and finally dated him because he had liked me for ages, but I broke up with him because I knew he deserved someone much better who felt the same way.

    We were friends for two more years before his new girlfriend decided he couldn’t be friends with me.

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