Gravity Falls Vlogs: The Inconveniencing

Ride on Aoshima. When Dipper tries to impress Wendy by acting older than he really is, he’s invited to join a group of teenagers.

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  1. First off, you’re wrong about one thing: since you recorded this one, Wendy’s gang HAS come back, and they haven’t gotten any more interesting. They even paired up Robbie and Tambry, which is just dumb, but hopefully they’ll use that as the end of Robbie’s character arc and just push him aside for good. A man can dream at least.

    Also, you’re kind of overestimating how much this show cares about pushing morals. There’s an episode where the stated moral at the end is “revenge is underrated”.

    If I recall correctly, this is the first episode of Gravity Falls I ever saw, and while it’s not necessarily my favorite episode, I think it was the genuine creepiness of this one that pulled me in and made me want to see more. I really dig it when a comedy show, especially for kids, is willing to try playing things seriously from time to time.

    That said, the next episode is one of my favorites just because it’s hilarious from beginning to end, so sometimes the straightforward approach works too.

  2. Personally I can not stand Wendy for a lot of the same reasons you guys stated. I also find Dipper’s obsession with her to be more creepy then cute. Dipper always acts like a total tool bag when he is around Wendy then turns around and makes fun of Mabel’s crushes. While I love this show, the Dipper/Wendy relationship is a huge thing that bugs me about the show.

    • Most people hated the Dipper/Wendy romance subplot, which is why they dropped it COMPLETELY in season 2! Rather quickly too, it happens in the second episode of the second season. If that’s a major thing bothering you about the show, look forward to it being dropped like a bad habit come almost immediately in season 2. 😉

      • Actually they didn’t drop it because fans didn’t like it. Alex Hirsch said in interviews that it was planned to not work out and for them to stick to being friends from the very beginning.

        It casts Wendy’s character in a much better light when you realise that (A) she was never meant to be the generic “love interest” type, but a character in her own right, and (B) it’s revealed that she knew about Dipper’s crush on her the whole time and was letting it run its course until they could have that conversation in S2 Ep2.

        I really don’t get why the Walker Bros. think she’s just meant to appeal to the “teen hipster demographic”. Firstly, I can’t honestly see anything hipsterish about her (the word hipster has become so broad it’s practically meaningless anyway), and second, I know a lot of teenagers who are exactly like that! It’s not appealing to a demographic, it’s depicting how a lot of teens actually are today.

        • Regardless of what was originally intended, the crush subplot was still among the worst aspects of season one. It was handled poorly, it completely prevented Wendy from functioning as a character in her own right, and the way Dipper’s crush was treated compared to Mabel’s crushes really felt off.

          It’s particularly painful in ‘the Time Traveler’s Pig’, where Wendy is literally treated as some sort of carnival game or video game that dipper can ‘beat’ and win ‘relationship prize’ from if he just plays it enough and puts in the right inputs in the right order.

          Even in the episode where she breaks up with Robbie, where the show is at least making some attempt to call out Dipper’s behavior as inappropriate, it still doesn’t work, because Wendy still isn’t treated as a character who matters in her own right. The way the show is presented, the important part wasn’t Wendy being hurt and betrayed by people she trusted, but rather that Dipper ‘learned a lesson’.

          This comes across in the way that the very next scene after Wendy runs off is Stan consoling Dipper, and the next time we see Wendy she’s fine, she’s fine with Dipper, and the incident is just never spoken of again. Dipper never has to actually apologize, and Wendy’s forgiveness is just taken for granted.

          Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first season of gravity falls, but this particular subplot always irked me with how poorly I felt it was handled, how long it dragged on, and how it held Wendy back as a character.

          The fact that season two buried an ax in it almost immediately was easily the biggest single improvement made, and that’s saying something with all the other improvements made (creepier monsters, greater presence of the overarching mystery arc, side characters in general getting more respect and pushing away from some of the annoying stereotypes they started as, etc).

      • “Most people hated the Dipper/Wendy romance subplot”

        Really!? From my experience most people were saying they loved the subplot.

    • Not only what Adorably Rotten said, but they also address the creepiness of it and Dipper realises how creepy it is for someone much younger to like you.
      SPOILER, but this is how it’s done (note, they’ve traveled back in time)

  3. The previous episode’s code, “Carla, why won’t you call me?” references Lil’ Gideon’s commercial. When Mabel and Dipper are watching it the announcer ends the commercial by declaring his love for Carla.

  4. I think this was my favorite episode of the season mostly because of the Smile Dip trip. That just killed me.

  5. Andre Temple-Young

    I hope they do vlogs of Disney’s other gem right now, Wander Over Yonder. That show is batshit insane and would be perfect for Rob and Doug

  6. Disney in terms of the Full Length Feature Animation Studio is definitely making a tremendous comeback, trumping Pixar in recent years.

    Their main Toon channel Disney XD, also seems to be making some sort of comeback, mainly with Gravity Falls and the fun Marvel shows, which is also good.

    Cartoon Network is very much on top right now for me in terms of television though. It was heralded in by the other show you reviewed and really hasn’t let up since. Out of the line up of their original animated series, I really don’t dislike any of them, and you should check some of them out if you so wish. It may be my favorite lineup of theirs ever.

  7. Wendy’s friends don’t come back in season 1, but they do in season 2! Wendy herself also begins to get a lot more character development starting with the second episode of the second season. One of the major criticisms a lot of people had with the first season was just what you’re saying, how Wendy was mostly only there as an obvious love interest. The crew really took this to heart for improving in season 2 by dropping the romance subplot between Dipper and her completely, and fleshing her out more as a character and making her a more active member of the group. I hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler, since it sounds like you haven’t seen any of season 2 yet, but I did want to let you know that even if you’re not so big on Wendy now, she has some major improvements to look forward to! 😀

    When her friends come back in season 2 they also get explored and developed more. In fact the most recent episode (as I’m writing this, which would be season 2 episode 9) focuses primarily on them along with Robbie, and really expands on their characters, particularly why they’re all friends with each other. Season 2 has been really dedicated to character development in the episodes that aren’t dropping seriously intense plot bombs, and sometimes it even manages both at once!

    I just realized I haven’t said anything about this episode yet… whoops. Haha, sorry I guess I’m really excited for you guys to get to season 2! But this is an awesome, creepy, and super hilarious episode. Three words: The Duchess Approves. Starring Sturly Stembleburgiss as the Duchess and Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble as the irascible coxswain Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire! (Okay, so that was more than three words :P)

    • Definitely agree with you. But even before season two I think Wendy becomes a more interesting character. She is A very relaxed, kinda lazy, tomboy girl. In the episode that takes place in the pool we definitely can see why dipper would have A crush on her. But yeah, she definitely gets more interesting in season two.

    • I do genuinely enjoy Wendy’s character, and I don’t so much mind the other teens as well. I don’t really see them as “hipster-y” kind of teens, like they said, because as someone who is nineteen, teens are pretty much like this. I don’t know if this actually makes it less age-less, but I digress. They’re chill and kind of jerks but they’re still pretty funny at times. I especially like the one they push around a lot, because there’s always that one friend in a group who you tease just because they let you and they don’t mind. Still, they’re not the best of characters, and I’ll be honest when I say their arguing in the newest episode was pretty ridiculous and I kind of facepalmed at the sudden drama.

      I only don’t like Robbie because he’s a jerkhole, but in the newest episode, it shines a light a bit on his character. Like his parents, which honestly can say a lot about how Robbie might’ve grown up.

  8. Rebecca Speckenbach

    I’ve always loved Wendy and Dipper together–not romantically, but as friends. I think his crush on her totally makes sense because of how similar they are and it’s always fun to watch them together. I also like how they resolved the romance in Season 2. You knew it had to happen eventually and I like the way they finished it. I never saw the romance as creepy though. I think it’s totally understandable that someone Dipper’s age would have a crush on someone older than him.

    • Me too. I find it funny how some people find it creepy that Dipper has a crush on Wendy, because he looks like he’s 10-11 and she looks like she’s 17, but I believe it was stated by the writers (or creators) that Dipper is actually 12 and Wendy is 15. So a possible relationship isn’t that farfetched.

  9. Completely agree about Wendy, though she’s better written in season 2.

  10. I wonder if Rob is complaining about how teenagers are written because we were lucky enough to have gotten Daria, which is still considered, one of the most humorous and realistic portrayals of teenagers (well up to a certain point depending on who you ask, some people are split on whether Daria started going downhill when she started dating Jane’s “boyfriend”, or if it were the “specials” where they kind of explore college life).

  11. Disney channel is getting better? Disney is making a lot of good movies sure, but besides for gravity falls I haven’t heard about any other good new shows on that channel.

    I think that the reason why children cartoons are allowed to get away with so many things nowadays is because of the success of adventure time and regular show, I approve of that since I think that kids can handle a lot more than censors used to allow.

    I don’t think that Wendy was added because the chart said so, Wendy is dipper´s not love interest in the same way Bubblegum was Finn’s not love interest, in Wendy’s defence I found dipper´s crush on her more believable than Finn’s crush on bubblegum mostly because of her personality, but yeah I do agree she’s not that interesting (at least until season 2).

    I always found Robbie too pathetic to hate, he’s seriously afraid that dipper is going to steal Wendy away from him, if Wendy has a habit of dating 12 year olds stay far FAR away from her.

    I agree that Wendy´s friends are just uninteresting stereotypes, but I don’t think that they were added to appeal to teenager’s, mostly because there all really negative stereotypes.

    This show has a really low opinion of teenagers, I approve of that because fuck teenagers, bunch of spoiled rebellious hormone controlled idiots (I’m 17 btw, yay for self-loathing).

    • There’s also Wander Over Yonder, the show is really good and imaginative. Not as good as AT or Gravity falls but still a great show. Star wars Rebels as well it’s not very old only a few months old but it’s looking good.

    • I agree with all of this! Plus the teen gang was really funny in the latest Gravity Falls episode.
      And I like Robbie, he’s funny but also sad in how pathetic he is!

  12. There are sometimes more secret messages in the show. If you here anything that sounds like Gibberish try listening to it backwards, like Mabel’s dog hallucination in this episode

  13. Disney Television Animation has for the most part been solid. I think the only shows where the Disney execs meddled in with and took out creativity was the era between The Buzz on Maggie and Fish Hooks. After the disaster that is Fish Hooks, Disney cartoons started to be creative again like with Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and the upcoming Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

    The only thing I don’t like about Disney is that they recently dumped ALL of their cartoons to Disney XD, which almost no one has, and their main channel, Disney Channel, is filled to the brim with crappy sitcoms, which have ALWAYS have executive meddling. Even Girl Meets World, a spin-off of Boy Meets World, isn’t safe from these executives.

  14. This really hookme when Mabel lick the hand of Dipeer and suddenly she was my sisters… this is the best relationship brother/sister that i remember; is really well done.

  15. Will you guys be doing season 2

  16. This was a funny episode and probably one of the first one I saw. It has this fun yet creepy vibe. I’m hoping you’ll be continuing the Adventure time V-logs, 6 new episodes have come out, there was actually a week (4 days so not a full week) of AT episodes they’ve all been great plus the latest episode (The Cooler) is another good episode also has an interesting ending

  17. The dog says
    “Dont trust Stan” Backwards

  18. I love the Stan subplot in this

  19. ShakespeareanInsults

    This episode was awesome. Oh my God. So many great moments And definitely agree with the top comments about Wendy. I really liked that she has more of a character development in season 2. I’m so obsessed that I even cosplayed as her while I was at New York Comic Con. The lamby lamby dance is too cute. And the old people ghost were hilarious and my god Mabel was high on Smile Dip. There is an actual japanese voice actor that sounds exactly like Jason Ritter. So check out the Gravity falls short. I’m sure they are even on YouTube

  20. Just as I knew from the moment I saw her, Wendy proved to be one of my more favored characters. not a fan of her friends, but I like Wendy herself quite a lot (a lot more than Mabel, although even Mabel seemed to be less annoying in this episode). I don’t really get the feeling that they were, to use Rob’s words, “Trying too hard”. she seems fine to me, and I am greatly looking forward to when she gets more character development in later episodes.

    I guess I just typically enjoy teenage cartoon characters more that kid cartoon characters. kid characters are really common and almost overused to a certain extent. Animated TV shows with an entire cast of teenage characters seems to be a bit rarer, especially nowadays I feel like. or maybe not and I just don’t know about them, I don’t know.

    also…..those two old people ghosts were assholes. I hated them.

  21. “Mable! How many of these did you eat!”

    I don’t have a problem with Wendy’s character, just how the writers tended to utilize her in the first season. Like I said before, she wasn’t given much to do besides being Dipper’s unobtainable love interest. Robbie and I pretty much have the same name, they’re just spelled differently.

    This is definitely one of the funnier episodes, due in no small part to the scenes involving Mable and the Smile Dip.

  22. When I saw the creature from this episode, I couldn’t even tell what my eyes were seeing! Also, wow, I muttered “Ever since Wreck-It Ralph” and then that’s exactly what you said Doug. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s thinking it. I have a love-hate relationship with Disney stuff. I’m a teenager (kinda, almost twenty) and I don’t even know how one would write a teenage character.

  23. I’ve liked Wendy as a character ever since this episode. I think it has a lot to do with her genuine respect and acceptance for the Pines twins. In a lot of shows, a character like her would treat Dipper and Mabel as unwanted tagalongs, but she always appreciates hanging out with them and doesn’t act like she’s being put upon. Her friends aren’t that interesting, and Robbie does indeed suck, but Wendy herself is a lot of fun. And her development in season 2 is extremely satisfying. I never had a problem with the Dipper/Wendy plot, mostly because the writers do a good job of giving them a very natural, chummy chemistry (when Dipper isn’t tripping all over himself), while also emphasizing the idea that it will almost certainly never work out. They manage to wring a lot of good pathos out of Dipper’s insecurity over his crush.

  24. I wish Disney put as much effort in the writing of their movies as hey did in Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall.

  25. you know what, i finally figured out why people can’t write good teenagers. because everyone thinks that they need to be the breakfast club: relatable but very common stereotypes

  26. Actually, Aoshima is likely a reference to John Aoshima, one of the directors for Gravity Falls

  27. For all of you Robbie haters out there, just remember the time he was introduced and how he was practically schooled.

    Robbie: “Yeah, I’m the guy who sprayed the water tower.”
    Dipper: “Oh, you mean the big muffin.”
    Robbie: “Um it’s a giant explosion!”
    *Looks at tower*
    Lee: “Hehe, kinda DOES look like a muffin.”
    Both Lee & Nate: *laughing*
    Robbie: *Death Stare*

    Admit it, that was satisfying whether you’re a Robbie hater or not, because getting belittled by a 12-year-old (intentional or no) really hurts your pride.

    Every time I see that scene I would go

  28. The reason Disney Channel is getting better is because they’re using voice actors, creators, etc. from Cartoon Network.

  29. I actually loved wendy later on. Especially when you know who her family is. It’s hilarious.

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