Gravity Falls Vlogs: Time Traveler’s Pig

Oh hi, Waddles!

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  1. Running With Scissors

    Also the part where Robbie asks Wendy out and a dart hits that heart-shaped balloon both gets me in the laughs and the “aw”s every time.

  2. These are the funniest V-logs that you’ve done yet!

  3. dipper likes dem redheads

  4. Doug hates Waddles! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE

    Also Wendy is more of a 90s tomboy, not a hipster. Remember The Simpsons episode New Kid On The Block? I think Alex Hirsch is a big fan of that one!

  5. I actually like that waddles has almost no personality, it makes Mabel’s affection towards waddles even funnier.

    I already shared my feelings on wendy a few vlog’s ago and I don’t want to repeat myself.

    This is a great episode, but i do dislike how dipper and mabel don’t feel even a bit guilty about basically destroying blendin’s(the time traveler who sounds like lemongrab)life by having him be arrested for crimes they committed, thankfully they do acknowledge that when blendin reappears.

    While you don’t see or hear future dipper and mabel in past episodes, blendin does actually appear cleaning up various paradoxes.

  6. Ruby Gloom did something really genious with a Waddles-like character. It was just a normal doll. An inanimate object. But everyone, for no reason, acted like it could move, talk and do stuff. It was very bizarre, but also very funny at times.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Gravity Falls has many canadian cartoon qualities for a show made in the US? Or am I just Dipper-crazy? :-/

    • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

      Come to think of it, didn’t everyone in Ed, Edd n Eddy occasionally act as though Plank was sentient too? Jonny did, of course, but I’m sure the other characters also got in on it.

  7. The whole joke is that Waddles has no personality. He’s like just this big fat animal who puts up with everything Mabel does to him. I think we’ve all had a cat like that.

    Momo, on the other hand, was annoying and cutesy.

  8. Waddles is actually voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, the same actor who voiced both Appa and Momo.

  9. i don’t really get where rob is getting the hipster vibe from with wendy, she just seems like a normal person with a slacker attitude honestly (having watched all the episodes and shorts) it’s not like she’s doing things ironically

  10. hey doug, did you ever get around to watching samuri jack?

  11. Can’t wait to hear what they say about Fight Fighters and Summerween… It’s all probably recorded, but I hope they make a Spirited Away reference

  12. Even though I love this episode, it is odd the one of the things Doug really liked was the tape measure time machine, because I really didn’t get that at all.

    I agree about Wendy, but what exactly does Doug want Waddles to do, he’s just there to be Mabel’s pet, what else does he need to do?

    Also I reviewed this one:

  13. Well guys they did in fact plan ahead. You could see Blendin Blandin in the background of each episode picking up the things they dropped while chasing each other through time.

  14. How did he miss Blendin the second time he watched the first few episodes? I didn’t notice all the triangles but I did notice Blendin (when I watched it the second time, as I showed it to my sister – much like Doug showed it to his brother).

  15. I loved this episode for Mabel and Waddles, but this is the episode where the ‘Dipper crushing on Wendy’ episode went from just annoying and cliche to just frustrating and repellant for me. The way the episode treated her like some sort of video game that Dipper could win dates from if he just entered the right inputs, the way the episode treated it like a big sacrifice on Dipper’s part when he ‘gave her up’ to let Mabel get Waddles, when she should never have been treated as his to begin with. The way Dipper repeating their interactions over and over to try and get the reaction out of her he wanted, without Wendy ever knowing she was being manipulated, was just creepy and invasive and super, super wrong, and the episode didn’t seem to have any concept of how wrong it was.

    I mean, it’s one thing if a protagonist does something wrong and the show makes clear that it’s wrong, but in this case Dipper’s behavior seems to be totally validated, and the show treats Wendy as literally on par with Waddles – a carnival prize and not a character in her own right.

    Jettisoning this subplot was the best thing this show ever did. It’s just such a shame it dragged out so long before they did it.

  16. Blendin and Lemongrab are both voiced by Justin Roiland, who is a comedic genius. As others have mentioned he is the co-creator and voice of Rick and Morty which I consider the best show to have come out in the last 5 years, but all of his other stuff is great too, e.g. House of Cosbys and Mr Sprinkles. Though if you’re upset by Rule #34 I would give the real animated adventures of Doc and Mharti a pass.

  17. I do have to pretty much agree about Wendy, at least in Season One. She was more of a plot device than a character for that season…I think I found her more entertaining, personally, but I have to agree she wasn’t much of a fully realized character. Thus far in Season Two I’ve found her way more engaging, especially with S2’s developing habit of defying established tropes. She’s actually sort of become the team’s resident badass.

    Not that I’ll be the first or last to mention it, but yeah…in the end scene, every place and time Blendin’s shown picking up the litter Mabel and Dipper left behind, you can see him there in each of the episodes they show…that’s ‘Tourist Trapped’ ‘Gobblewonker’ and ‘Headhunters’ just to clarify. …Plus, you can see him doing something in one other episode in Season One, an appearance that has yet to be explained!

    I’m loving that you’re doing these! (Well, I love that you’ve already done them and are currently posting them.) And Doug, Rob, and anyone else…since this is a Blendin episode…his VA, Justin Roiland, co-created a show on Adult Swim called Rick and Morty. (If you haven’t watched it, you should!) But even if you haven’t seen a single episode of Rick and Morty, if you HAVE been keeping up with Gravity Falls Season 2, there is something quite mind blowing you should see (again, if you aren’t current with the end of Season One of Gravity Falls and most of Season Two, you shouldn’t watch this. Spoilers!)

  18. Hey Doug, for all the times you harp on Rob for saying Maybelle instead of Mabel, I noticed you never mentioned how he pronounces Soos.

    He says it like “Zeus”. Like Dr. Zeus.

  19. Omg omg, the man that comes out the shack during the winter scene is Stan’s brother! He has the same glasses as the ones Stan picks up in the secret room with the body changing carpet!!!!

  20. I… Don’t get the joke? What’s hilarious about their names? I can’t even tell what you’re saying the names are because you aren’t enunciating. Are they the names of important people or something?

  21. Anyone else disappointed in the Pioneer Times they didn’t come across the 8&1/2th President?

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