Groundhog Day – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara sits down to watch one of Bill Murray’s classics, Groundhog Day. Will Tamara like it? Does Ike approve? Watch the video to find out!

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  1. Here’s my theory: remember when Venkman used to work for a golf course? All those rodents he tried to exterminate with TNT? They probably summoned an eldritch deity in the form of a groundhog that trapped him in that pocket dimension to experience that temporal feedback loop.

    The problem with predicting the weather is that there are so many random factors involved. They say that a butterfly can flap its wings in Japan and cause a blizzard in New York. Sounds farfetched, I know, but then again, Japan does have a 500ft. butterfly that fights monsters, so there you go.

  2. yes, blood sausage is ridiculous… ridiculously tasty… especial the morcilla version

    If I remember right the original script says he’s in the loop for 10,000 years

  3. Yep, I’ve never seen this either. I knew that this was the same day living movie but that’s all I knew. Also, I’m sick too, Tamara so I feel your pain but at least you have an adorable cat. Additionally, I agree with you on the blood sausage. Heck no. One last thing: I care about love handles. ^.~

  4. Hello, I’ve been a long time viewer and I love how you review these movies. I’ve seen a lot of these movies already but not all, and fully understand how we can’t always have the time or opportunity to see everything that everyone else has seen. I’m glad that you remain so positive in the face of this criticism and continue on.

    I’d like to recommend some movies as well if that is alright. One is:

    My Neighbor Totoro, small family moves to the country side but who is this new neighbor they have?

    Spirited Away, young girl moves to a new neighborhood but her parents get lost.

    Princess Mononokhime, young boy moves to another part of the forest he lives near and meets a young girl and her cuddly wolf parents.

    Also, Eraserhead. Awkward urban dweller goes through life but uh oh, his girlfriend had a baby and left it with him. A kooky and quirky movie about a man and his baby, and another guy in the planet.

    Shaolin Soccer, soccer but with kung fu.

    Kung Fu Hustle, loser tries to join an evil gang. Kung fu involved.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show, a picture show with a guy named Rocky in it. Includes songs.

    I originally only meant to recommend one or two. I’m so sorry about that. But thank you so much for your reviews. Watching you review them brings back great memories of when I first saw these movies. Thank you so much for that.

  5. Harold Ramis stated Phil’s total time in the loop was equivalent to 10,000 years. Yes.

    Even if you don’t believe that, he’s shown as having gone from nothing to master pianist, as well as implied to now know several other languages; that would take several decades at the least.

  6. First of all: Happy birthday Tamara.

    Here the link to the movie’s wiki page regarding how long the time loop lasted:

    Finally, here a few recommendation for movies:

    Funny: Robin Hood: Men in thights(You should watch the Kevin Costner version before because it’s a direct parody), Austin Powers (the first one, parody of all the James Bonds movies)

    Action: The predator (warning: contains the most testosterone of any movie ever made)

    Sci-fi, drama: Edward Scissor hands (ooooooouuuuuuu ooouuuuuu oouuuuu)

    That’s enough for now. Good review.

  7. Acetylsalicilique

    Well… Happy Birthday Tamara =)

  8. Oh you millenials…sometimes you have to trust us old slackers and nerds when we say we love these movies. There’s a reason (not 100% justified) that we always bitch about the movies today.

    Truth is, it’s not too different from now, only with CG effects and international markets, we get more big budget and slick looking crap movies theatrically, which would have been super low budget direct to video in the 80s and 90s.

  9. Oh my god, I’m so glad you finally saw this movie–and that you loved it! I too knew nothing about it going in…which is the proper way to watch this. It’s just the right amount of cheesy feelgood, freaky sci-fi/fantasy idea and snark to _work_, and the end result is just so fun.

    And now I can never hear “I Got You Babe” without worrying if I’m in a time loop…

  10. Saw this movie once or twice before, pretty good heartwarming film.

  11. You’ve done good Tamara and your kitty cat Ike. My birthday was on February 3rd just so you or somebody online knew. I am a year older than you, I kind of wish I wasn’t.

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