Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT Confirmed – State Of The Parks

Behold, your Guardians Of The Galaxy are getting their very own thrill ride at Disneyland! So why is everyone so angry about it?

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  1. Crossover Princess

    What is wrong with people? As I said last time I’m looking forward to this one and can’t wait to ride it whenever that will be… I know not everyone would see it that way, but still… It just shows that people hate change, even if it’s the same basic ride…

    Also that one woman who thinks they’ll turn Mane Street to a Marvel land? That’s just… I can’t even… IT’S NOT EVEN THE SAME PARK!

  2. The rumor of the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 being at California Adventure sounds AMAZING, and I would LOVE to go if it were true.

    I personally really like Hollywood land (mainly for the Animation Building and the the Hyperion). I personally don’t mind seeing an alien looking place instead of an old Hollywood hotel.

  3. I probably don’t have much of a say because I’ve only been to Disneyland once as a little kid but, I can understand why people are for or against this new ride. However I agree only time can tell how well the Guardians of the Galaxy ride will last as well as Frozen….And the new Pirates of the Caribbean. As for the thumbs down on youtube in general it’s weird how people think disagreeing means ‘fuck you’ rather than try to understand that person’s reason.

    On a side note, I’m baffled by Disney. They have the money to splurge on their movies franchises yet don’t give the same treatment to their tv shows i.e Gravity Falls in terms of a complete series dvd release.

    • SomeJerkWithACamera

      It’s like Rob Walker’s executive character – Disney won’t put out a complete series DVD of Gravity Falls because the CHARTS say DVDs don’t sell anymore.

  4. Wow that girl in the red shirt is grasping at straws, kinda like most preservationist Disney Fans. What all the hate seems to boil down to is “WHAAA I don’t want to travel across the country to ride the tower of terror” even though A: The ride will still be aesthetically the same (just close your eyes and imagine rod stirling narrating over rocket), and B: the florida tower is better any way.

  5. I am confused on what that is on that guy’s ear too man, I paused the videos I don’t know how many times to get a good look at it, although I can figure out how on earth he got that huge hole gap in his ear, probably wore one of those ear disks and stretched it out, but it looks like some…….homemade crafted device or something…..

    Sorry, I was focused more on that than what he was saying too, to be honest. o.o

    • Joe Rohdes has been hanging weird stuff from his ear for forever. If you start adding weight to it it will slowly extend your earlobe (kinda like how gauges work) That is what he has done to make his ear like that.

  6. “It ain’t going knowhere”…

    I must have missed the reference, because it just looks like bad spelling to me…

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I actually now want to see the tower of terror get replaced with something new and Ive never rode the one in California but i swear to god if they replacrd the one in Florida than I’d be mad.

    Heck if I would’ve posted my Ghostbusters review to YouTube. It would’ve gotten down voted like the plague cause I said it was pretty good. D
    Heck I’m pissed that suicide squad was of a big of a hit as it was but that’s only because DC fanboys rushed out to go see it and I swear if it tops sausage party I’ll be beyond pissed.

    But besides that point let’s hope they do replace the Disney junior musical cause nobody likes that so after tower of terror get rid of that plz

  8. You reminded me that I really liked the Back to the Future ride and the Terminator ride and, I think they were both in the same spot so if one didn’t go I wouldn’t have been able to ride the other.

  9. Aren’t you older than me? Don’t you remember when youtube had a 1-5 star voting system instead of the thumbs?

  10. I’ll never look at the word ‘Breakout’ the same way again. I’ve now got to relisten to the Wild Wild West rap; that movie’s just sad as it wastes such a cute actor…and good ol’ Will Smith (you will be mine Kevin Kline!!!! Sorry, did I say that aloud?? Oops 😉 )
    And I will add ‘can’t see the forrest for Groot’ to my vocabulary now 🙂
    Season 3 conclusion already? Oh well, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

    Thank you! I was watching Spazzmaster’s video on Tower of Terror yesterday and was freaked out by that guy’s ear all day! There was ear lobe strings….string ear lobe bits….my lord!!

    4:41 this guy looks familer…very familer….

    This has been the year of backlash hasn’t it? At the end, we shouldn’t do end of year retrospectives on films, but on what got th biggest backlash
    I’m just a bit sad I’ll never have ridden it; but Tower of Terror is at a different park, right? Also, wouldn’t a Guardians ride have worked better in Tomorrowland? Just wondering; I have no dog in this fight

    Cool bit of history on thumbs down. I liked your new chair

    There’s a Disney Junior Land???? Aww hell no!!?!? That’s barley tolerable on television!! Why Disney, WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY!??! Calm, I’m calm…

    I think everyone needs to just calm down before throwing words and down buttons around; step back, think out the problem, get a cup of coffee and mull it all over. Then if the opinion has changed or not, express so calmly. then everyone will understand eachother better and the world would be better.

    Can’t wait for your next one! Is it going to be in three parts/have many Geekvision cameos/about the Tomorrowland film? That last one is so conflicted; half of me wants you to do a video on my but the other half doesn’t. DARN YOU, SJWAC, DARN YOU FOR RAISING THESE CONFLICITING….CONFLICTS!!!!
    Still, great video; with Ghostbusters and this, I think the nature of fandoms/backlash/ internet is a topic just waiting to be tackled. Though it’s getting so big you’ll need an army!
    Also, any new word on the Geekvision dub, like a new episode coming soon? Did you guys win; i hope you won 🙂

  11. RM-Keyblade-Mistress

    I still can’t believe there are Haters for that video…I mean, c’mon guys, Follow what Walt Disney said that this place is a place of change. We can still accept change in the future, and we can’t stop the future from coming. So please, grow up, and accept it.

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