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Gundam-cember might have ended late, but it ends on a high note to welcome in the new year.

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  1. War in the Pocket is very much personal story that just happens to take place during last days of OYW. That is one of it’s strong point as it offers something that is rarely seen in Gundam when most often focus of franchise is in conflict itself featuring big battles and some melodrama that sell model kits, tie in manga and other merchandise. Then again while not focus of story both Alex Gundam and Kämpfer are very nice looking mobile suits as well.

    Also I feel that War in the Pocket actually handles whole Romeo & Juliet side of story better than 08th MS Team so there is that as well even if those two are very much different kind of takes on OYW. Come think of it, Sage made interesting note that War in the Pocket was 10th Anniversary anime that is very different than previous ones as so did 20th Anniversary anime Turn A Gundam. Too bad that we didn’t get something different for 30th Anniversary anime.

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