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Merry Christmas… you’re in for disappointment!

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  1. I remember liking the show itself, but Endless Waltz?

    First, it felt like just a rehash of the TV show’s plot. Sort of like someone hit a big RESET button and started it all over. It felt like it didn’t really continue the show at all, didn’t really add to it or anything; it was just sort of there. It didn’t need to exist.

    As for the show itself, I haven’t seen it in years. I can say that my own tastes in anime have matured somewhat since the old Toonami days. But I haven’t really felt compelled to track it down and rewatch it, so there’s that.

  2. Thing with my opinion about Wing being overrated for what it is comes from fact that i didn’t see it back in day and it wasn’t first Gundam anime that I saw. That honor belongs to Zeta that I consider to be best Gundam anime ever. I am not saying that I would think that Wing is bad because it’s not but I just can’t see it to be best Gundam anime like some fans claim it to be. How ever this movie is worse than series and actually bad.

    I also have big issue with four Gundams suddenly looking different than those did in series without any in universe explanations why. Suddenly we had things like Wing Zero with angel wings and without being able to transform into Neo Bird Mode or Heavy Arms Kai with four gatling guns. Sure does look really awesome but those Gundams looking like that don’t make sense.

    • Well.. your opinion that it is overrated come from fact that it IS overrated, as for most people it was first Real Robo series they watch (especially in States) and many people suffer on nostalgia blindness regard its quality here. What most people who even do like it noticed over the time, especially after watching superior shows.

      Also Wind take place in alternative timeline. They look different because they are different. That is why questioning a sense is generally pointless.

    • As someone who only liked it for the robots, I liked the designs changing. In the TV series, all the Gundams were done by one guy and looked more colorful and toy-like, especially Wu Fei’s extendo-arms. The badguys were done by another, and looked way cooler. In Endless Waltz, they let the badguy designer do the Gundams.

      Since there’s nothing worthwhile in the continuity or plot anyway, the more monochromatic, sleeker looking Gundams in EW are the only thing worth caring about. To any kid who got gifted a plammo based on his designs, Hajime Katoki is the real Christmas miracle.

      “…to see them bumble around in this at best, below-tier 2-parter episode…”
      3-parter, Sage. It was a below-tier 3-parter OAV dressed up into a movie.

  3. Gundam Wing was never a show I was interested in. None of the Gundam stuff was. I cannot ever claim to be a huge fan of anime (having only really enjoyed the more mainstream Western stuff… Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, etc), but Gundam just never appealed to me at all.

    I look back… and it still doesn’t.

    Wing was my introduction to the series, and I cannot say it’s the reason that I was put off, but it certainly didn’t help.

  4. Good shit except for Hiro losing to to 5

  5. I mean… Quatre is literally four in french. Who names their kid Four?

  6. Wufei was a stupid 15 year old kid raised on some kind of pure warrior principle, his clan was SO devoted to the idea of a pure warrior that they murdered their entire colony just to give him resolve to fight, if ANY of the 5 gundam fighters were going to go evil it would be him. In the show proper he wasn’t really any better, he spent an entire episode trying to understand the concept that weak people want to fight for their principles too. Seriously no wonder that red head wanted to statutory rape his dumb ass…

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