Gunman Clive – Cheap Shot

Wanted Dead or Alive: A terrible sidescrolling cowboy game.

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3 Comments on "Gunman Clive – Cheap Shot"

Chicken Puppet

A terrible review for a game that’s actually not bad at all.

Gunman Clive is the work of a one man team essentially, and it’s got solid classic platforming, and an art style that is actually unique. Sure, if this were a $60 game I’d say it was lacking, but it’s a great deal at $2.00. I’m guessing the reviewer never played a classic Megaman or Contra game?

The review sounded like a child who went into this seeing a game that looked different and wanted to hate on it. Something about this game really got under his skin.


I had never even heard of this game, but this “review” made me want to buy the game just to spite this asshole.


What the hell?
Is this a troll review?