Hagan Reviews: 13 Women

The final part of this trio of 30s exploitation possession reviews. The Hagan Geek reviews 13 Women (probably the earliest film that could be called the first Slasher movie)

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from the 13 Women review.

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  1. Well this was certainly an interesting bit of history.

    Thank you for doing this video, it was very entertaining. Especially the meltdown with the half-ethnicity and buying of high explosives in a store part. I kept replaying that.

  2. It let up a bit as you went, but, at the beginning, you sounded perfect!

    • Actually, it comes and goes. You’re at your best when you’re not doing the voiceovers

      Still the best I’ve heard in all of these, BTW. But I expect no less from someone who hangs out with her all the time.

  3. I gotta say, Omega really nailed that characteristic rocking chair cadence and inflection.

  4. Funny fact about the making of this ep, I ‘played’ Omegas arm in Giovannis closeups. So I was playing Omega playing me. *done to death inception foghorn*

  5. That was fun review and a good choice of oddball movie history to end this little trilogy. However, I think it’s worth noting that Myrna Loy was not the only actress in this movie to be known for something than a bizarre means of suicide. Irene Dunne also went on to have a very successful string of staring roles over the next two decades and even received five Academy Award nomination, but gradually lost interest. She quit making movies around 1952 to focus on television before preceded to quit acting altogether a mere ten years later.

  6. I’m 7 minutes into this review and I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen ‘Looker’ ’cause a lot of this review is reminding me of that film

  7. Kind of reminds me of Death Note…

  8. That poor lobster is going to be boiled to death.

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