Hagan Reviews: Bitch Slap (100th episode special)

Hagan has some unfinished business with an old enemy and a love letter to classic, big-titted exploitation is just BEGGING to be reviewed.

Behind the scenes

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  1. Congrats on one hundred episodes, Hagan, & happy new year!!

  2. So this the Asylum’s Memento?

    Is the tit-grab really a recognized fighting move?

  3. 😀

    There isn’t an emoticon in this universe that could properly express how enormous the smile is I got from this movie.

    This movie is the physical incarnation of the concept of fun.

    The only thing this movie lacked was a T-Rex with gatling-gun genitalia.
    That would make it transcend into and beyond the realms of perfection.

  4. A reviewer that is the opposite of Diamanda… iRawss?

  5. Well this looks like a fun movie! Also, ya for the random cameo! Wait, would that make this in canon with the Cinema Snob’s reviews, then?

    Anyway, congrats on one-hundred episodes.

  6. What movie was the scene at the end with the lightning from?

  7. I don’t remember that last scene from the Omega code, did York do another end time movie or is my memory just bad? Also, congrats on 100 reviews.

  8. So I,m guessing you don’t like Atheists very much, that’s fine but rather than actually mounting an intelligent argument against us, you just have this unfunny, childish sketch. Your not making any point, your not putting forward an argument, your just going “LoL we shoot dem dum atheists AHAHAHAHA” and I bet you accuse Atheists of thinking they’re smarter than everyone else, well if this is the quality of the opposition I think we’re within our rights to do that.

    • Actually, Hagan is an atheist. But her character in the show is a god-empress, so her natural enemy would be militant atheists. And to be fair, *spoiler* they did kill her at the end of her second season, so it all balances out in the end. If she was mocking anyone in the sketch, it was probably limited to atheists whom she personally doesn’t like.

    • Im an atheist. Im a pretty loud one at that. The atheists being opposed to Hagan thing happened because literally years back I decided to briefly kill Hagan off and how do you kill a god? Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and PZ Myers armed with guns. Thats how. Thats the whole reason The Avatar of Decent Humour has an atheist army.

      • Daleksaresupreme

        Oh, well I totally apologize then.

        • You should see her Left Behind reviews, you’ll get an idea of her opinion of Religion. It’s nice to see someone on TGWTG with this little restraint towards the subject 🙂 Everyones so worried about losing a part of their fan base, but not Hagan, and I really respect that.

  9. Awww, only SOME of those atheists deserved to be brutally murdered 🙁

  10. Great Episode and great choice of music as well 😀

  11. ARON MOTHERFUCKING RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I really don’t get the point of this movie.

    Free porn is so easy to get now.

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