Hagan Reviews: Castle Freak

A family get terrorized in an Italian castle in Stuart Gordons terribly-titled adaption of HP Lovecrafts ‘The Outsider’.

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from The Castle Freak review.

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  1. Another hilarious episode. Very nice.

    I actually remember liking this movie when I saw it.

  2. It’s profoundly fucked up that the character arc for the protagonist of this movie concludes in him overcoming his hesitation to kill himself. It makes sense in context, but the larger implications are beyond unfortunate.
    That said, FUCK YOU WINDOW!

  3. Bob Chipman? That’s a welcome voice to hear.

  4. The lighting on your portions makes you look so much more menacing than usual. Good change.

  5. In Lovecraft’s story, the castle of the Outsider doesn’t exist in another dimension, but in an underground cavern. I’m not sure why they needed a portal in this castle.

    You’re lighting setup is perfect for this one, Empress! I hope you keep it in other episodes, too, it’s a lot of fun!

  6. Red Cloud StarBlanket

    hey lady, have you seen The Unnamable? here’s the imdb
    it’s another one based on a lovecraft short story.
    Is it weird that I’m sexually attracted to Alyda (the Creature) Winthrop? Probably.
    Nope, no follow-up, just let the image sink in.

  7. Hmm, certain aspects of this movie remind me of The Beast Within. Not the film but the book.

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