Hagan Reviews: From Beyond

Part 2 of the HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy! Everything Re-Animator is to biology From Beyond is to Physics. BUT GAYER!

Behind the scenes!

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  1. This movie is an old favorite that I THINK I saw on Joe Bob Briggs’ Drive In Theater.

    I could be wrong about that second part, but either way, good review.

  2. I really should open the Jeffery Combs Catalog more.
    I mean, I’ve heard of him, and seen a movie or two that had him in it but not involving him in main cast. but I’ve never SEEN him in his leading performances. now I really wanna see him in all his glory. lol
    I will say this though. I luckily (thanks be to Hagan’s review) caught Re-Animator via Netflix.
    and man was that a fun movie. I’ll have to hunt for this one & Castle Freak for sure.

  3. I’m aware it has some gay undertones, but didn’t realize it was homophobic too until now.

  4. All those gays jokes were really a reach.

    I’ve seen the movie once or twice, never once crossed my mind that there was gay subtext in the movie.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I think the kitty’s right: you should destroy linkara only because he killed off thatguy of the old website ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. otherwise an interesting review. I feel bad that the minion got hit by your arm. The fish played by your arm flub got a little overplayed too much,but otherwise the flubs were decent. The review was quite interesting though. Jeffrey Combs proably turned into a monster after the movie. I wonder if Howard Phillips Lovecraft iof ask lovecraft is watching this(which he probably is so that’s cool). Good job also for being the featured producer on the site.Can’t wait to see the final part in the h.p lovecraft trilogy.

  6. There are some things I will never unsee in this.


  7. Watching this review made me wonder if Tetsuo: the Iron Man is also meant to be an allegory of this sort.

  8. That was… Interesting.

  9. Well that was something I didn’t expect to see out of my day.

  10. Give me that gift card!(points gun to head)

  11. Wow, that was pretty interesting

  12. New site, still 6 months behind on material.

  13. classic flick, I wanna win the Amazon money!

  14. I’m just here for the gift card…

  15. “Semi-literal dicks on the brain”
    Almost spit my drink out at that one.

  16. I almost thought this was going to be a fully, badly computer-animated movie.

  17. Nice work Hagan.

  18. I don’t think it’s about gay but more on the rape. Yes there is gay text, but considering how many times the only chick in the film gets molested and in precarious situations that would incline something perverted.

  19. While I have seen “Re-Animator” I had no idea this movie shared so much of the creative team and influences. I only ever heard about this movie a few months ago when Yahtzee Croshaw mentioned it in jest during an “Earthbound” retrospective. It seems like the kind of thing I should watch.

  20. I’m just here for the food

  21. Hagan I don’t want to insult your work or anything but….what the f**k kind of an opening was that?

  22. I love seeing you rip on Bryan Fischer & John Hagee!

  23. Just saw this recently on Amazon…..gotta love these cheesy 80s horror flicks….plus, Barbara Crampton in dominatrix gear? Bonus!

  24. Birds and ghosts, ect. ect.

  25. Huh, well…….that was interesting. And I am reminded why I don’t watch non-DW Diamanda reviews. Because they creep me the fuck out and will give me nightmares. Thanks Diamanda!! 😀

  26. The Second Opinion

    “He’s past the gateway drug of permissive heterosexual sex, and now he needs the gay!”

    Lol. This movie and Diamanda Hagan are a match made in, uh, wherever Diamanda Hagan was conjured up.

    And, oh yeah: *Insert demoralizing confession about only being here for the measely $50 gift card here*

    Seriously though, this review is one of the funnier ones I’ve seen on this site in awhile. I’m starting to see why Diamanda won this month.

  27. Yeah, not much of a HP Lovecraft fan here, so this movie isn’t really my thing.

  28. The key here is, as Diamanda said, “It’s the 80s.” I grew up right in the 80s sweet spot and, looking back, dear god, unintentional gay was everywhere! I mean, jeez, look at an old Van Halen music video. Even Guns ‘n Roses!

    I love the commentary at and around the 21:00 mark. Spot on.

    Also, dude in tight undies is hot. 😀

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