Hagan Reviews: F*ck

The documentary ‘Fuck’ is a fascinating piece of work about the word fuck.

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from the F review.

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  1. Sooooo… is the NSFW or not?

    On a serious note, while this was an amusing romp, I can’t say that I gained any actual insights into… that word from this review. Nor did I get incentivized into watching the documentary… not that I was going to watch it anyway.

    Also, the trailer for Manborg looks more entertaining than the entirety of Terminator: Gene Sis.

  2. I see Hagan is still posting to Blip.

    …So what happens next?

    • She uploaded this to Blip awhile back. I’ve noticed lately a lot of her older reviews have made the move to her Youtube Channel, even the stuff that will almost certainly get taken down, like Stonewall and Riot. My guess is she’s getting ready to make the move.

  3. That pretty much says it all.

  4. semantic satiation induced

  5. Loved the usage of Hogan and Nixon in your video-piece.

  6. The context just leaps off the screen.

  7. The Crazed Spruce

    …the fuck?

  8. Fuck that was pointless…

  9. Was this even a review? What was being reviewed? Was a review of the word “fuck”? I don’t get it.

  10. Why do I feel like I’ve been Rick Rolled?
    I honestly thought this would be an insight to the origin of the word. :/

  11. J Walter Weatherman


  12. TooMuchFreeTime

    I have a blanket that looks a lot like yours.

    Lol ‘affirmative mistress’ Now THAT is a smart minion. Keep him around.

    “Jewluigi Memorial Breakroom” I love it! I don’t get why it’s dated ’06 though.

    I think the Spongebob clip was my favorite. (GREAT episode too.)

    I’d love to watch that documentary but I’m kind of scared to try a search for it. Seriously, at least give us a link in the right direction! 😛

  13. I wonder, were you unaware of the infamous scene in The Wire where Bunk & McNulty examine a crime scene & find a bullet while communicating only with the word “fuck”, or did you just think it would be too lazy & on-the-nose to use it?

  14. All I have to say about this is..

    Fuck! Fucking fuckitty fucking fuck. Fuck fucking fuck fuck. Fucking fuck fuck. Fuck! Fuck…

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