Hagan Reviews: Manborg

Hagan checks out Astron-6’s masterpiece mash-up, MANBORG! (and so should you)


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  1. Whoah… Hagan’s sporting a “Dirty Irishman” in this review. O,o

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dang hagan in this review you look chill in this review (way more normal then you have looked in any other review and im glad you introduced me to this movie).

    But i kind of think manborg and crew are like the guardians of the galaxy. Manborg is starlord, lucy is gamora,the gay guy is drax,the japenese man is groot, the little dwarf that they find in the trash is rocket raccoon,there boss is like john c. Rileys character,the draculaon is korath and that girl manborg saved his life for hers is nebula(the robot girl).

    This movies awesomeness is just too much I’ll have to watch it for myself. Also does anyone think manborgs brother that appeared at the end sounded like doug walker doing an impression? Also you should review wolfcop i saw the first hour of the movie and it was awesomely campy and i reccomend you checking it out and maybe you can review it?

  3. In a way this does look awesome o.o

  4. This needs to be made into a fighting game.

  5. Eliminators had a “Mandroid” a ninja, a ruffian and Tasha Yar. However it didn’t have a lengthy Mac’n cheese cooking scene.

    You win this round, Manborg.

  6. SailorRustyBacon

    BorkBorkBorg! XD

  7. This looks like a really awful sequel version to Mandroid.

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