Hagan Reviews: Megiddo (The Omega Code 2)

Hagan has heard tales of a man with the power to review 5 End-Times movies in under 20 minutes and she has plans for him. Plans that involve the one of the craziest End-Times/ Antichrist movies ever made!

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  1. Can I be honest?

    Indy Christian Film Reviewer is okay and decent, but I don’t like his reviews that terribly much. I’m as deeply (and liberal) Christian as I can be, but I prefer Diamanda’s dark humor over his.

    (weird isn’t it? a Christian who prefers atheist Hagan over Indy Christian reviewer)

    Anyways, this review was funny.

  2. I don’t know who the other person is, but I found this review to be fairly funny.

  3. Aww, and I was going to challenge God to a game of Street Fighter II: Turbo. I bet he plays a mean Zangief.

    This movie looks GLORIOUS, at least in that so-bad-it’s-good, over-the-top sort of way; although if I wanted to see a kid get possessed by the devil I’ll play/watch Tekken. Kazuya would air-juggle York’s candy ass.

    “Pwease pway with me!”

  4. I’ve seen the movie before, but for some reason it’s the first time I’ve notice the news channel has a Pentagram logo

  5. Didn’t care for the movie, but Amanda and the Indy Christian Reviewer had surprisingly good chemistry; I was laughing all the way to the end. I hope to see them together again someday.

  6. I actually like the design of the devil’s demon form. Maybe not the best choice for the devil, but it’s still cool looking.

  7. Huh… End-time movies usually have shit for production values. This thing has decent effects, both CGI and practical. It has, like… Actors in it. Actual actors, not Kirk Cameron. And a script! OK, it’s an awful script, but it reads like a story rather than what I imagine it would feel to be bludgeoned over the head with a hard-cover bible until I see cartoon stars.

    The Spoony One was right – a movie doesn’t have to be good to be awesome!

  8. Yeah… not really a fan of this guy you did the review alongside.

    He’s clearly not one of the… extreme religious types, but he kept periodically saying things that rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps this is me reading too much into offhand comments, but he seemed borderline passive-aggressive with regards to his faith at times, and that created the impression for me of yet another person in faith who internally believes that faith gives “holier-than-thou” privileges.

    Or it could just the script or a persona he’s playing if it’s not my imagination, but he still seemed to bring very little to the proceedings.

  9. What would Hagan know about how kids ostracize someone for murdering a baby? Is this part of her backstory? 🙂

  10. So Diamanda Hagan’s antithesis…is a nice man with a “fedora”…That’s kind of funny.

  11. Okay, I haven’t even gotten 10 minutes into this, but I’ve got to say a couple of things.

    First: Indy Christian Reviewer is a real person? And he actually agreed to do a co review with Hagan?!?! Brave dude ^_^

    Second: Michael Ironside as a Hasidic Jew!?! Perhaps the most mindblowingly coolest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile 🙂

  12. I love hagan’s reviews! I knew this film existed but I had no idea it was this lame! Lol. I’m glad she did this crossover, it’s fun to see her interact with other reviewers. Keep up the great work my dark queen!!!

  13. how accurate, a christian covering his ears at anything that scares them

  14. Actually, nowadays the EU has someone like a president, President of the European Council. However, in 2001 existed only title of President of the European Commission, who is in terms closer to prime minister. Those six month-guys are only organisers for summits and such. Otherwise video is great, good mixture of both reviewers.

  15. It’s a great idea to have a Hagan crossover with someone like Indy Christian Reviewer but the intro just seemed really inert. I can’t pinpoint if it was the editing, writing or the performances, but it just didn’t seem to flow the way most other crossover reviews on Channel Awesome do.

  16. The film we call “history” is better. That one was written, produced and directed by the Mighty God, who is to be forever praised. You should do a review of THAT one sometimes.
    Some updates…
    The amazing Christ saw Satan fall as “Baraq o bamah”
    When you see the “Obama nation” which causes desolation standing in the holy place…
    The holy place being where the temple of God was built, which was destroyed and rebuilt within 3 days (let the reader understand).
    On the precise date foretold by the prophet Daniel, 3 March 2013 the man himself went and DID NOT bow like every other visitor, but just stood there. All things are on track for a late 2016 return of Christ.
    OR MAYBE the “mystery religion” of Babylon will have their way instead. They seem to have given a message to their people…
    Late 2016 NASA plans to launch OSIRIS-REx, which contains a microchip engraved with the names of the people from all over the world, and will begin its journey towards asteroid BENNU. (Let the reader understand.)
    Who will reign for a thousand years? Will it be Christ the King, or will it be man, who will become God through science?

  17. So….god punished satan by sending him to hell? Which is his home and he is supposed to be the leader of it..but hes chained…but also he has to have some minions that are still loyal to him in some way so wouldn’t they just let him go and he would wait to find a way to get back to earth and try again? Also I am with Diamanda…why the hell did god not do that in the first place? Bad satan! No cookie! go to your room! Of course if they did that then we would not have this latest review so I suppose it all evens out in the end.

  18. God doesn’t have to answer a challenge? Isn’t that exactly what he did in the story of Job?
    Satan: Yo God, Job only worships you because you are nice to him. Also U R fat.
    God: Oh yea
    Satan: Yea
    God: Challenge accepted!

    Why does the Anti-Christ have to be European? Why not Canadian (they were always too nice)?

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