Hagan Reviews: Re-Animator

The first of three HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton movie reviews!

Behind the scenes

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  1. I have such a lady boner for 80s Jeffery Combs!

  2. Also, this should definitely have been a crossover with Ask Lovecraft. Missed opportunity.

  3. Holy shit the visual pun!! XD

  4. I love this movie. Nice job, Hagan.

  5. I adored this movie as a teenager. I wore the tracking clean on my VHS copy…..

  6. CAT!! *flails around comically*

    I want to watch this film. I’ve been wanting to watch it since the end of the “Megiddo” review (which I always want to watch), just ’cause it looks so damned cheesy and fun. I just love mad science. =3

    I should probably watch “In the Mouth of Madness” first, though.

  7. This movie is magnificent.

  8. One of my very favorite reviews of the past year!

  9. The movie that made me a Jeffrey Combs fan for life after seeing it when it first released on VHS. I met him at a con in ’07 and he signed my DVD and also, my VHS copy of Dr. Mordrid, which he claimed is his favorite tag-line ever for one of his movies, standing on the chair at his booth with both hands in the air and yelling out in that wonderfully maniacal voice of his, “MASTER OF THE UNKNOWN!”

  10. Man, not even one rendition of “Move Your Dead Bones”? C’moooon.

  11. wait! How the hell does the severed head TALK?! The way the neck is totally chewed up the pharynx must be completely destroyed, not to mention that there are no lungs to push air thought his throat. I’m sorry, but I demand some more scientific accuracy from my movies about syringes full of mountain dew being used to bring dead bodies back to life.

  12. As a resident of Massachusetts, I can attest to the fact that it is fricking freezing here… but not as bad as Maine or North Dakota.

  13. Of course, we all know how much Lovecraft hated cat abuse.

  14. Great review. This film looks intriguing. Probably won’t be high on the list of films I want to see, but I do get the appeal.

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