Hagan Reviews- The Passion of the Christ

The BroCon 2014 special- THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST! (Puts up shields and expects angry comments)

Second Video: Flubs!

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  1. My favorite Jesus movie is Jesus Christ Superstar
    what does that say about me?

    • You like good rock music?

      BTW of course The Last Temptation make more sense. It is not based on the Bible but on one of the most famous greek novel written to express the authors personal take on the divine.

  2. Bit of Behind-the-Scenes info, the Spaceballs joke came from one of the audience members.

  3. It still boggles my mind that my mom says that it’s a good movie. I would rather see Jigsaw place Judas and Pilote in his trap game. Or even Dr. Phibes getting a hold of Mel Gibson.

    • It’s one of those films that’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. My mom bough the DVD but never watched it, as once was enough. There are plenty of things like that. It doesn’t make it bad.

      What does make it bad is that I don’t think it quite worked. It just wasn’t bad enough to be different from what you’d see in Passion plays. I wanted to actually see Jesus look non-human due to all the torture.

  4. “…I’m really surprised that no one has ever written a book or something theorizing that Judas is the actual messiah”
    The manga Billy Bat, by Nagasaki Takashi and Urasawa Naoki (writer and artist of “20th Centuary Boys” and “Monster”), postulates something very similar to that. It’s a pretty weird religious parody(?) where a cartoon bat (god) guides humanity by talking directly to artists and influencing their works (or something like that, it isn’t finished yet so it’s hard to say).

    There are a few chapters dedicated to Judas, ending with a dialogue between him and God after he sold out Jesus. which goes as follows:
    J: “Has he met with you” (with he being Jesus)

    • — Dammit… I accidentally posted early and there doesn’t seem to be an edit option…

      Oh well… —

      G: “Not once. And you merely followed my orders. That’s enough.”

      Which is pretty much what you’re talking about. The rest of the manga isn’t directly about this though, so it would be interesting to see a more in-depth look into it.

      Go read Billy Bat, it is very good.

      • Also, Hagan should really read the book version of Last Temptation of Christ. Frankly, the movie is a rather poor adaptation. The author never intended it to be offensive to catholics, actually. It is a very interesting book.

  5. Oh this was just brilliant!
    I have nothing else to add other than you literally made me laugh out loud at several points in the review.
    Stay awesome, Hagan. Stay awesome!

  6. Oh nom nom, nom that is some good blasphemy.

  7. The only religious-themed films I have ever truly enjoyed are Noah and The Rapture, the most tragically-overlooked film of which I know.

    The point I’m trying to make is…uh…watch The Rapture. It is insanely creepy.

    Anyway, The Passion sucked.

  8. This movie was a cleverly disguised blood bath masquerading as a Bible story.

  9. audio only cameo by the film renagado!

  10. I never knew Diamanda was a male North Korean robot.

    Love the choice of music. XD

  11. I was looking forward to this, because I’ve enjoyed your work before, and I also enjoy religious critiques, as it can offer a valid, varying perspective. However, I was extremely disappointed and had to stop watching before I started yelling at the screen like a crazy person.

    Frankly, this was embarrassing. While I agree with many of your criticisms against the movie, that’s really what you should have stuck to rather than trying to criticize something that you clearly haven’t done enough research on. You missed a lot of really obvious context that would have explained the situations alleged factual discrepancies you took issue with.

    To clear up one thing (I stopped the video before you addressed this fully, so you might have reached this conclusion — though I doubt it. If you did, I apologize), you talked about how the Jews not executing Jesus themselves by stoning was a huge plot hole. It wasn’t. The reason that the Sanhedrin didn’t take such a direct approach was because there would have been public backlash, as Jesus had many admirers and followers. Going through the Romans was necessary for turning the people against Jesus; they wouldn’t have gotten away with just stoning him because Jesus wasn’t viewed as a criminal, they had to display him as a criminal first.

    Things like this really aren’t helping the atheistic position. It just makes you all look bad.

    • Thanks, glad someone else pointed that out too. Sure they could have killed Jesus themselves, but every jew would have turned on the high priests then. Same reason why even Herode did not execute John the baptist at once.

  12. Holy Moley. I would watch “Mel Gibson’s Alien” every day.

  13. Since the Romans (West and East or Greek) converted to Christianity by the exact unquestionable order of Emperor Constantine in the year 312, over time since possibly forever the Romans legally escaped blame for the death of Jesus so Jews are unfortunately eternally blamed and hated but it’s our fault that we invented Monotheistic Organized Religion so we Jews suck for that, personally I believe eternal Paganism would have made the world Earth a much better place to live for human beings and some animals.

    • Speaking as a pagan, no, it wouldn’t. Pagan religious, particularly greco-italic ones, were as hostile to nature as christians were.

      • How can you be a pagan? That’s not an actual religion but a group term christians and muslims used for anyone believing in other gods. If you believe in Scandinavian or Egyptian or Greek gods, then you are a follower of that pantheon… not a pagan.

  14. This is Torture porn through and through, I’m sure Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels would loved this film if they had no censorhip policy all the time like most cinema worldwide back in the 1930s and 40s very disturbingly much and Mel Gibson would have been an actual honorary Nazi, he definitely would have been offered the position of Reich’s Minister of Culture possibly even replacing Goebbels by Hitler’s blessing.

  15. Watch the film ‘Constantine’. It is standard to display angels as androgynous! You seem to want to find problems.

    A man’s friend loves him, and so seeks to understand.
    A man’s enemy hates him. He does not want to understand.

    I don’t understand the anti Semitic claims about this film. It shows the Romans as being far more evil than the Jews, and even shows a bunch of Jews listening to the wisdom of Jesus and dropping their stones. What it displays is a bunch of people, and the most evil ones are displayed as being the religious organisations of men and the political and military organisations of men. While a common Jewish man being forced to participate shouts against them all. While Pilate displays himself as an innocent good man before the people, yet sharing the majority of the blame.
    It is the same today: The Jews are an excellent people. The state of Israel against their will commits genocide.

    Christians are like everybody else: The majority of them are fools and only a very few are wise.
    Jesus said that nobody who hates has eternal life, that only love will save them and that they should forgive, or neither will they be forgiven. Anyone claiming to follow Christ who hates the Jews is a liar.
    For the Jews brought forth Salvation to the Gentiles. Look at their efforts in preserving a holy book, and in the hands of the Gentiles the even more important New Testament has over 5000 different versions in full or in part, no two exactly alike! And twice as many denominations.
    “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Many decisions in the film are clearly artistic, not to be accurate, but to teach things. And concerning Judas, he was just a small player in a greater scheme. He is technically unnecessary, but is there for another reason.

    The Lord’s enemy frowns: He does not understand.
    His friend need only ask, and all things are revealed!

    This is how you are supposed to play songs with the film. That’s why it has captions!

    How to bear a cross…

    Why it’s all happening…

    It’s never too late…

    • Agreed. It shows plenty of evil and plenty of good on both sides. Much like the Bible itself.

      According to legend (non-canonical of course) even Pilate eventually converted and became a christian. There was a rather good 1960-or-so italian movie about his life.

  16. And concerning what you see with John, he did not list after the flesh of Jesus as you suppose, but instead he lusted after his Spirit. As do I, for nobody is hotter than the Sun! 😀

  17. Sorry, a correction.

    It’s never too late…

  18. The jews only had the law to execute Jesus for claiming to be the son of God. But he also called himself king according to his accusers, hence why they had to take him to Pilate, since that was a crime against Rome and they had no jurisdiction. Also, I think quite understandably they did not want to execute Jesus themselves and alienate the people following him – this way they would have the romans to blame for it all.

  19. James was actually a cousin, not a brother. Mistranslation from aramic to greek, apparently.

  20. And yeah, the crow picking out the eye of the robber was probably the only scene I hated in this movie. It indeed felt like childish revenge by God on a guy who’s already about to die anyway.

    But man, the single drop of rain/tear… that was such a strong scene. It really moved me.

    However, I have seen this movie twice in theatres and never again. I sometimes want to rewatch it around Easter, but… it’s just not easy to watch, especially alone.

  21. Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.

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