Hagan Reviews: The Unashamed

First of a new trio of possession reviews – 1932s nudist colony melodrama-sploitation!

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  1. Carry On Up Nudist Camp…needs Benny Hill.

  2. I enjoyed Leon Thomas as the guest Mistress quite a bit.

  3. this was pretty damn funny

  4. I love the possession reviews.

  5. so the message is ‘even if you’re absolutely gorgeous, if you’re not white, throw yourself off a mountain’?

  6. Great crossover (if that’s the correct term in this case).

    But, seriously. Hilarious episode.

  7. Heh, credit flub: The Unashamed is owned by […] Renegade Cut and Diamanda Hagan?

  8. lol, I love the song that plays over the naked Volleyball scene. It would be a danger zone if that ball went out of the control and hit one of the guys in the crotch XD Love the crossover you two.

  9. Moviemantweeter1999

    You’ll probably have more patreons because of this review. Otherwise good review and I love that you put film brain in at the end. No on to listen to word funk.

  10. Leon Thomas did a great job being a Hagan. and of course, the writing was spot-on. Too bad about Lindsay Ellis’ great-grandma in the movie, though…

  11. Leon. Is. Awesome!
    Maybe Hagan should have him stand in on Haganistani holidays or something…

  12. One tip for people doing impressions of Diamanda Hagan: begin half your sentences with “anyway…” but pronounce it as “ennaway”

  13. >_>
    This is so racist…. like… not “grandma racist”…
    Or even Lovecraft’s “true negro” racist…
    Just straight up massive racist.
    (And as a Native American, I enjoy the representation… even if it was horribly racist… It’s good that people remember that more than just Africans were slaves…. let alone all the other stuff.)

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