Halloween (2007) – Nostalgia Critic

It’s loved by some, hated by others. What is Nostalgia Critic’s take on the remake of the original masterpiece?

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  1. I enjoyed it. Of course it has flaws and can never be better than the original. But following Resurrection, this is what we needed.

  2. Ending seems like it went too fast in the movie. Good review as always.

  3. Being just a little kid with issues that suddenly became a serial killer, I never understood one thing about Myers:
    Why is he suddenly an unkillable revenant like Jason Vorhees?! What there was of supernatural in his origin? Was a change made in the sequels to capitalize in the succes of the “Friday the 13th” franchise?

    • Michael Myers was very hard to hurt in the original version of Halloween as well: he was stabbed in the neck with a sewing needle, stabbed with a knife and then shot several times by Dr. Loomis which causes him to fall from a second story balcony. None of this kills him and it’s not explained why, at least not in the movie and it works because it makes Myers scarier. We don’t know WHY he can do these things, he just can.

      • Ya but throughout the entirely of the original Loomis is telling everyone that Micheal is a force of nature and pure evil. Him not dying adds to the mythos that has been built up. It’s heavily insinuated by Loomis he thinks Micheal is something supernatural which is confirmed at the end when he survives Loomis shooting the shit out of him.

        In this one they make quite clear he’s just a regular kid turned bad by his upbringing and surroundings. So when he’s suddenly a hulking unkillable monster in the second half it makes no sense in the context of all that it set up.

  4. No, the original Halloween II (the one NOT directed by Rob Zombie) was the second best Michael Myers Halloween movie. This one is better then Resurrection at least but is, at best, only equal to Halloween 4.

  5. I hated they tried to make Micheal Myers an empathetic character. He’s much scarier as a soulless killing machine. The less you know about him the better. Lame angsty teen backstories need not apply.

    • While I agree in this instance, I do think he can become scarier even though is made more human. Especially since slasher movies aren’t as scary as back then, his supernatural ability as a kind of monster makes it a little ridiculous and often ruins the horror, which Nightmare On Elm Street just went with in its sequels.

  6. really, this movie missed the point of Micheal Myers, you aren’t supposed to wonder what is going on in his head, Dr. Loomis already told you in the original, he’s just pure evil itself taken human form, existing only for murder.

    and Zombie tried to say that the bad childhood didn’t matter and Micheal is just a psychopath but that doesn’t make sense because he still really loved his mom and baby sister. witch, if he loved them, why would he murder his mom’s other loved ones and drive her to suicide or kill his sister’s friends?

    yes, you can’t have all villains in fiction be cackling psychos who always talk about how evil they are but you also can’t have every villain in fiction be a wounded soul who’s just lashing out either, especially in a horror movie. what’s more scary, a mental kid who wants mommy like Jason who you could either trick with that sympathetic quality or maybe reason with or a literal moster with no human emotions you can reach out to?

    and people who are just pure evil do exist in real life. as I’ve said before, the first recorded serial killer in America said “I was born with the devil in me.”

    and it could be just an urban legend but Micheal was supposedly based on a real mass murderer who really was a killing machine that lacked any human emotion.

    it’s mostly a good mindset to have but it’s dangerous to think EVERYONE has good in them and can be rehabilitated.

  7. Halloween 2 (the original), 4 and 5 are all better than this.

  8. Halloween 2, 4, 5 are better than this movie. I even prefer H20 over this (not counting 3, due to the lack of myers).

  9. He’s back!!!!
    He’s even more creepy (with LCD eyeballs that move around)!!!
    He’s super high-tech (with downloadable stories that you can read along on your tablet)
    And, oh yeah, he still wants to find and kill “you”, Doug Walker!!!!!!!

  10. I still think Halloween 2 & 4 are great movies

  11. I still say this movie was good for what it was worth. I saw the original last year for the first time, and while I understand why it was more beloved than this, I think Rob Zombie did a good job. But will I prefer this over the original? Maybe not. Besides, I’ve seen other slasher movies that are either suckier or have more shock.

  12. I was waiting for Count Jackula to stop Critic from walking out of frame, backing him back into his chair with a shotgun barrel in Doug’s mouth. XD

  13. I actually went to the theatre to see this shit. Zombie ruined a classic.

  14. I never liked his films to be honest, but I do think he should be given DC’s LOBO. Honestly, I just can’t think of anyone else qualified.

  15. Time for my daily “Vidme Sucks!” rant: today, I couldn’t even get the video to start, much less watch it with any measure of peace.

    Thanks for posting these on YouTube; I’ll definitely check it out when it goes up.

  16. Seriously Doug? “Second best Halloween movie”…? Did we all forget about 2 and 7 from the original series?

  17. I didn’t know there was a remake of the original. Then again, I don’t know much about the original either.

  18. When Loomis is talking about Michael I would intercut it with pictures of Alex from ‘Clockwork Orange’.

  19. The original Halloween bored the pants off me. I get that Zombie’s was little moe than a chash-in, but at least it made those opening 40 minutes interesting. By the time we get to the killings, no, I’m not invested in the victims – as I wasn’t in the original – but at least I’m somewhat invested in Myers. Which I wasn’t in any of previous films.

    Is it perfect? Of course not. Does everything about it make sense? No. Does it fall into some of the standard horror movie tropes? Of course it does.

    It does, however, give some substance to Myers as a character, and his relationship to both the doctor and his sister, which the origianl did not do.

    And that’s why I prefer the remake over the original.

  20. Batman-Credit-Card

    A Nostalgia Critic review, not iterrupted by silly play-acting performances? Well that´s great 😀 Like in the old days when the guywiththeglasses.com was at it´s prime! Keep ém coming that way Doug.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Ah, no. Sorry to disappoint, but Doug hasn’t suddenly decided to abandon his new format and “go old-style” again; this is an editorial week. The mini-reviews done during these weeks don’t feature skits or other actors. He’s been doing this for a while now. (e.g. Was That Real?, A Goofy Movie, Tom & Jerry Meet Willy Wonka, Scary Godmother.) The big reviews with the skits and stories aren’t going away.

  21. This movie never did it for me. It felt like two separate movies stitched together. The first half a weird origin about a kid driven to murder by abuse but it’s too over the top to actually be remotely believable. Then you have the back half which is just a less subtle massively truncated 45 minute version of the original. Its not awful I suppose but it’s not good either.

  22. So…I’m going to seem like an Idiot but I was never much of a horror fan at all. Still not for the most part as they just aren’t my type of movies. So about ten years ago and such at a family supper and they kept talking about Michael Myers and the movie. I was confused because I thought they were talking about the actor for I think a good year or two until I watched Halloween with some friends and realized what they were talking about.

  23. Is it too late to have a Mike Meyers vs Jack Burton movie directed by John Carpenter?

  24. oh man, you think this movie was something, you have to review Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

  25. I heard that when Rob Zombie was first hired to do this, John Carpenter essentially told him to make the movie his own.

    The sequel’s worse

  26. Didn’t watch it, but, judging by the review, it’s a great horror movie.

  27. cemecdanslegarage

    Uh… maybeee getting rid off the : “Both side are two blame…” joke, I don’t know, youtube is a triggely world about this shit .-.

    • The Real Silverstar

      There were 2 Trump jokes in this video (the first being the tombstone which read ‘TRUMP’S CABINET’). There’s no point in getting overly concerned about pissing off people on YouTube, ’cause someone there’s always pissed off. YouTube commenters are always going to be butt-jacked about something; if everybody worried about triggering YouTubers, there’d be no online content at all. The best thing to do is just not read the comments or disable them altogether. You’ll lead a much happier life that way.

    • It doesn’t take much to set off people on YouTube. Most of the folks on YT’s comment section are only there to screw around and spam stupid crap or spout out racist, sexist, hateful statements in order to trigger sensitive people anyway.

      Anytime that you make a joke, you run the risk of offending someone, because comedy should always leave you feeling differently from when it found you. Trump makes himself look ridiculous every time he opens his mouth. If anyone is so thin-skinned that they can’t take a joke at the expense of that sorry excuse for a U.S. president, then it’s better that they go. It must be nice if being offended by a joke made by the Nostalgia Critic is the biggest problem in your life.

      • Quite frankly, anyone who was stupid enough to vote for Trump (and is stupid enough to still be supporting him at this point) deserves to be offended. We have to live with this insanity everyday because of Trump supporters. Screw them.

        • Not only that, but the joke about Trump’s cabinet being dead is not even some liberal sleight. It’s just an objective fact that there has been a high rate of turnover and firings in the Trump administration right from the start.

          In the past, that would have been standard political humor, but to the Trump loyalists, anything that isn’t gushing praise is an attack, and they’re instantly outraged.

          • I don’t have an issue with Trump jokes; in fact, I liked the tombstone joke at the beginning of the video. However, the second joke is what I take issue with, considering that it references to Trump’s comment, as a response towards the Charlotesville attack.

            Now, regardless of how you view the stories that culminated before the attack itself, it’s important to look at both opposing viewpoints; at the same time, we have to also look at why both radical sides of the issues are wrong, in their assertions.

            While the white nationalists should be criticized for making the event such a racial issue, that doesn’t mean that we should disregard the other radical side, who propose erasing Civil War history, just because they view it to be “racist”, and/or “problematic”. I mean, history itself is paved with the sins of man, but the old saying still rigs true today: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

      • I can attest. I was on the YouTube version and most of the comments were about the Trump comment.

  28. Anyone happen to know what that moody piano music is called?

  29. I’ve been binge watching slasher movies and I have yet to see this. I saw most of the other “Halloween” movies though. It seems like everyone says II and H20 were the best next to the original. I’m surprised you feel this. Well, it’s your opinion. A lot of people didn’t like how he was portrayed more sympathetic.

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