Halloween Part 1 – Film Den

Dena talks about the John Carpenter classic that jump-started the slasher film genre of the 80’s.

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Le Messor

Michael? Michael?!?
That’s my name!
(Okay, okay, it’s not like I didn’t know his name before I watched this video…)
At least I’m not named Mike Myers… Hm… Wayne’s World anybody?

I’ve often seen kids going around for Hallowe’en in the afternoon. Not just in E.T., either.

Also, I sometimes call people up while I’ve got a mouthful of food. Did it in the last couple of days. Every time I do it, I think ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’, then do it anyway.

Snorgatch Pandalume

Halloween works because John Carpenter understands something many of the untalented hacks who came after him do not: in the horror genre, less is more. When something is used over and over–be it death, gore, music stings, or jump scares–it quickly wears out its welcome and becomes tedious. This is why most horror movies suck.


Just an amusing bit of trivia: that poster on Laurie’s bedroom wall is a self-portrait of James Ensor, an expressionist painter known for drawing people in creepy and gruesome masks.