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It’s the spooky film that launched a thousand sequels, but did it have a good base to start from? Doug takes a look at Halloweentown.

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  1. So why was the villain’s plan evil? Unless he was part of a supremacist group I don’t see what he would evilly gain from bringing Halloweentown and Earth together.

    • Spoiler alert: He is part of a supremacist group, essentially. Well, a disjointed swarm of supremacist singlets.

    • His motivation is to “take over the world,” of course. I mean, sure, he is a supremacist. But the immediate threat is that he will use his magic to take over humanity. He is the single most powerful magic user. (Only the family combining their powers is able to stop him.)

      He also had been using his magic to trap anyone who opposed him.

  2. Funny thing is that I never saw this as a kid. I thought it would scare me too much.

  3. Interestingly, Heather MacDonald (Calluna) has already reviewed Halloweentown and all of it’s sequels. Clearly, she enjoys this film more than Doug did.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Calluna is of the generation that grew up watching these films; it’s part of hers and others’ childhoods. Doug and old fogies like ourselves were already adults when these movies were coming out and they weren’t aimed at people our age; we didn’t grow up with them so we have no nostalgic fondness for them.

      • You would think that. But…

        I didn’t grow up with them either. I’d seen Calluna’s reviews and had a pretty good idea of what to expect. So last year in October when I had the house to myself one day and feeling curious I watched the entire series in one day and somewhat to my surprise…I liked all of them! Even the last two that many of the fans say they’d like to forget!
        I agree they weren’t as good, but they none of them are all the sophisticated. At the very least I do sense a full four part character arc for the heroine Marnie Piper. Which I really appreciate, even if the writing and recasting of the last one made her somewhat harding to like.

  4. I remember seeing this. Looking back, it’s okay. Nothing to write home about. I agree these costumes are pretty lame. That skeleton is good though. Didn’t see the sequels, though.

  5. This does have the weakest story out of the series, I must admit. But Doug seems more upset that he didn’t get what he expected.

    The entire point was that the mystical creatures are just like us. And the movie explicitly is going for the fun hokey side of Halloween, not the scary side.

    • I agree. It’s meant to treats magic and monster more like Sabrina the Teenage Witch which than Monster Squad.

      I also though it was somewhat unfair of Doug to complain Marnie isn’t sufficiently “weird.” Even as a kid I’ve thought that everybody has a weird side to them. Marnie just doesn’t live having to act normal, wants to explore the stranger sides of life, and is thrill to find magic runs in her family. That’s really the heart of this stories appeal to me.

  6. lilith_ascennding

    I loved this film series as a kid! Even though I was very easily frightened, for some reason I had no problem with the first movie. Maybe because it was so colorful and bright and fun as opposed to dismal and grey. That, and Calazar was a decent villain. He’s not as great as Hades or Maleficent, but he’s not completely forgettable either. Maybe it’s a generational thing ,who knows (although I do remember that my mom and her work friend that showed us the series also really liked the movies).

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